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Town Star Economy News and Updates

April 16, 2022
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Howdy Town Stars! It’s time for some exciting updates on brand new features coming to the game over the next several months. Let’s dig in!

Gems — Useful Bling for your TOWN

As we have mentioned ever since the initial launch of Town Star Play-to-Earn, more uses for this gaming reward token are coming, and this is a big one.

Gems are a new in-game currency that you’ll soon be able to buy with TOWN.

You’re already able to spend your TOWN on various Town Star items, including some that are exclusively purchasable for TOWN. Additionally, after minting your TOWN rewards from your Treasure Chest to the Ethereum blockchain, you are able to trade for ETH or USDT on several exchanges.

Gems will be a real game changer.

Since we started up Town Star Play to Earn, we’ve been hard at work to find ways to make the system even more fun and rewarding for all Town Stars. Seeing players earn from their in-game assets has been amazing. We want to take that to the next step and offer more fun and versatile ways to play Town Star.

The complete Gem system will gradually be rolled out over the next 6 months or so, but Gems themselves will be available for purchase much sooner than that. You will have the opportunity to purchase this new in-game Town Star currency exclusively for TOWN. It’s important to note that Gems are not a cryptocurrency based on the blockchain, but rather an in-game currency exclusive to Town Star. They will eventually offer a variety of in-game benefits, many of which have never before been available. Here are some examples of the options that may become available.

  • Special server passes
  • In-game product purchases (Gasoline, Oak Wood, etc.)
  • New in-game content and items
  • New storage buildings
  • Removal of negative proximity effects (shade, pollution, etc.)
  • Enhanced speed of crops, workers, or production
  • Worker prioritization (ability to tell them what to work on first)

Gems themselves will be coming to Town Star very soon. While we cannot say for sure in which order the other features will be added, you can expect many of them to follow in the six months following the release of Gems.

TOWN spent on Gems will be burned, according to the following procedure: When a player purchases Gems, they will do so by sending their TOWN directly to a designated burn wallet.

*All supply and economy details are subject to change

New Reward Distribution System

As our flagship game and first play-to-earn economy, Town Star is very important to us. We’ve discussed some ideas to strengthen the economy of Town Star with the community previously, and in the interest of long-term sustainability we have made an important decision about the method by which future TOWN rewards will be distributed.

All TOWN rewards will transition to a point-based distribution system, as described below.

Instead of a fixed TOWN reward value, each owned NFT will have a point value. Each player’s total points will represent a portion of the daily TOWN reward pool.

Total TOWN reward distribution will decrease over time as a cap for TOWN is approached, causing TOWN to become increasingly scarce as time goes on. Each player’s daily points will be transformed into their share of TOWN rewards for the day, using a ratio that will decrease over time as TOWN becomes more scarce. An example of the distribution model over time is demonstrated in the chart below. (not exact figures, subject to change).

The total daily amount of TOWN in the reward pool will be affected by the number of daily active players. Basically, players will have greater reward potential when they own a larger or rarer collection of Town Star NFTs. All players will experience reduced TOWN distributions for the same number of points as we move forward in this system.

Removal of TOWN-earning NFTs from the Store

As part of this reward restructuring, all TOWN-earning NFTs will be temporarily removed from the Town Star store. Players and collectors will still have the option to purchase these items as available on the peer-to-peer secondary markets such as OpenSea. This won’t have any effect on your ability to use your NFTs within the game.

This removal of for-sale items will take place before the end of April, but TOWN earnings will continue in the current distribution model until we are ready to switch over to the point system distribution model.

Other Things to Look Forward to

Market Board Lending System

This system, announced at last December’s -into the galaverse, will let free players enjoy earned rewards while allowing NFT owners to share passively in these rewards.

While the Market Board system is still an important part of the Town Star roadmap, it has been delayed until a TBA future date to allow for the prioritization of the features previously described in this article.

Gathering New Players

The Town Star team is aggressively pursuing many new methods of attracting new players to Town Star and the Gala Games Ecosystem. You should begin to see the fruits of these efforts very soon with substantial growth in the active Town Star community.


Some of you remember last year’s historic May Mayhem Town Star tournament, with a combined $1 million in prizes. This time, let’s go for $2 million.🤑

We have some incredible May excitement planned for 2022, not only for Town Star, but the wider world of Gala Games. We can hardly wait to share more details, and you won’t want to miss it.

Town Star AMA

Join us April 19th at 7:30am PT for a special Town Star AMA in which we will take your questions about the roadmap and discuss all the excitement on the horizon for Town Star in 2022 as we kick things into the stratosphere.

That concludes this round of massive Town Star updates, and that ought to give you more than enough to chew on for the weekend. Thank you as always for being part of this Ecosystem, and thank you for empowering yourself through Gala Games.

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