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Spider Tanks Free For All

April 26, 2022
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Big news. Spider Tanks is ready for early release and you can play now for free.

The game is now open and ready. Start battling with the Gala Games Launcher now.

GET THE LAUNCHER HERE (Currently Windows download only)

The only thing you’ll need to get in on the fast-paced arena brawl action of Spider Tanks is an account with Gala Games, so create yours now at Gala.Games if you haven’t yet.

Play For Free

Initially for a share of the rewards, Spider Tanks players will have to compete and win in a Tank they own. Throughout this early release, all players will also have the option to play with a free rotational Tank. The free Tanks cannot be upgraded and they are not actually owned items, but they’re a fantastic way to get to know Spider Tanks before you start purchasing your own stocked garage!

There are even possible plans in the future for these free rotational Tanks that would allow them to have earning potential. This would give free players an extraordinary onboarding experience into the world of play-and-earn.

The Road to Player Earnings

The first player earnings for Spider Tanks will be rolled out over the initial weeks and months of Spider Tanks play. With the April 19th launch, the only earnings (for Tank owners and Map owners) will come in the form of TCTESTCOIN (no value), a preliminary testing coin with no value that cannot be transferred.

Depending on the duration of the testing period and a variety of unexpected challenges that may arise, it could last as little as a week but as long as more than a month. We can tell you roughly how that transition will occur: Gradually.

In the future once sufficient testing has been completed, we will transition from TCTESTCOIN to SILK.

SILK — Official Contract*

Beware of scams that impersonate the contract, and always verify the above address from this source.

Temporary Test Upgrades

As Spider Tanks followers have known for months, this is a game of upgrading your equipment and powering up your garage. Here’s how these mechanics will play out during the preliminary TCTESTCOIN portion of the launch.

Players will eventually be able to permanently upgrade their Tank Parts and Tanks using purchased Blueprints from the Spider Tanks store. These Blueprints will be released later, following the launch.

During the early open play testing phase, it is still necessary for us to test these upgrade mechanics, even knowing that Blueprints cannot yet be purchased for SILK. Therefore, upgrade components will sometimes be dropped to players, which they can use to temporarily upgrade their Tanks and Parts.

Once the first SILK has been minted and distributed, all Tanks and Parts will automatically return to their base level and stats. You don’t get to keep your TCTESTCOIN-purchased upgrades forever.

Video originally released December 2021

Features of Gameplay

All players can play — The special set of rotational Spider Tanks will allow everyone to get in the game for free. Players can earn when playing with owned Tanks and Tank Parts, but they must find victory to enhance earnings.

Map owners can earn — Those who own Spider Tanks Maps will begin to see rewards from the battles that take place on their battleground(s). The rewards will only be TCTESTCOIN (no value) at first, but will transition to SILK in a matter of weeks.

Map owners will never be entitled to daily earnings for simply owning a Map. They will be required to win at least one match to qualify for the day’s rewards from their Map(s).

Tank owners can earn — Those who own Spider Tanks will be able to battle and earn early rewards for honing their skills in the arena. Their rewards will be only in TCTESTCOIN (no value) at first, but will eventually transition to SILK.

ALL TCTESTCOIN WILL EVENTUALLY AND SUDDENLY DISAPPEAR, but it won’t matter to you because it never had any value whatsoever.

In order to earn rewards, Tank owners must not only battle actively, but win. Only wins will increase a player’s portion of allocated daily rewards.

TCTESTCOIN is a token with no value used exclusively to test blockchain reward distribution and transferability. All initial Spider Tanks rewards will be TCTESTCOIN only.


GAMEDIA will continue to improve Spider Tanks’ gameplay in parallel with this roadmap with the addition of new features, content and balancing.

Earnings Explained

All details of this system are subject to change. All rewards will at first be distributed in a non transferable test token called TCTESTCOIN (no value), transitioning to SILK at a TBA date.

The daily distribution of battle rewards is based on a point system. Points are awarded for all victories. At the end of the day, the daily reward pool will be distributed based on every player’s portion of the day’s victory points.

Allocation of daily rewards will vary based on factors such as Tank ownership (type and rarity, upgrade levels), Map ownership (rarity and type of Map played), and caliber of opponents played. Founder’s Node operators with active Nodes will also receive a daily distribution of SILK — a portion of the total SILK earning rewards for the day, but this is merely a reward for operating their Node and unrelated to gameplay.

Because of the reward pool style distribution, the supply of SILK can be carefully managed as the player base expands and as new SILK in-game utilities are introduced.

There will be a maximum number of times in a day that each player can be victorious and earn maximum rewards. After that number has been reached, the player must earn fewer and fewer rewards or wait until the next day’s battles.

Here’s a more detailed example of how this “diminishing return” reward system will work (numbers are placeholders only and subject to change).

  • Player wins 10 matches in 3 hours to earn maximum possible rewards. Each victory earned them about 1 SILK in this situation.
  • Starting with the 11th victory in the same 24 hour period, reward allocation is reduced a little with every win. The 11th victory may earn that same player 0.9 SILK instead of 1.
  • Even though this player is having a great time and winning over and over, it may be a good idea to take a break and wait until the next day, when their reward capture is back to 100%.

Players must win a battle to gain any points toward increased rewards, and to unlock rewards for that day in the first place.

Finally, Pilots and Captains (borrowing and lending) is not yet ready, but we will keep you posted on its development.

TCTESTCOIN is a token with no value used exclusively to test blockchain reward distribution and transferability. All initial Spider Tanks rewards will be TCTESTCOIN only.

Ready Your Questions

At 8am PT on Thursday, April 28, there will be an AMA/Early Release party with some folks from both GAMEDIA and Gala Games. Set a notification at the Youtube link below, or stop by and give an early shoutout to the team in the comments.

Look for more information coming soon, and we’ll see you on the Spider Tanks battlefield at the big launch!

Spider Tanks store

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