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The Stag Blazes into the Spider Tanks Arena

July 19, 2023
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This all new Tank unleashes the true power of nature on the arena.

Another Tank is coming to the arena, and this one is going to be HOT! The Stag will soon arrive to rain fire down on its opponents. Can you handle the sizzle?

Stag dominates the battlefield by creating zones of fire. Like other artillery Weapons, some Pilots may have to adapt to the arcing firing pattern but it’s well worth it for those who master it.

Stag’s Fire Artillery can pin down and roast out opponents from behind walls, or follow using the reliably tough Fletcher Body and make enemies really feel the heat.

The Stag brings 4 all-new Tank Parts to the arena along with it and Pilots will have the opportunity to add them to their Garages on Tuesday, July 25th.

Sale Details

This sale will kick off next week on Tuesday, July 25th. Like usual, we will be releasing the supply for this sale in two waves. We hope this gives Pilots across the solar system more opportunity to grab one of these new Tank Parts at a time that’s convenient for them.

On the day of the sale, the first wave will enter the Spider Tanks Store at 12pm PT. 8 hours later, the rest of the available supply will be added into the store. Higher rarities have been selling out fast for many of our recent sales. Plan ahead if you want to grab one before it’s too late!

Burn baby burn!!!!

These items will all still carry a percentage discount as we’ve done with other Generation 2 Tanks in the past few months. This discount seems to have been diminishing recently, and eventually discounts will be removed from the store with little or no notice.

In addition to those discounts, all purchases in $GALA, ETH or credit card will receive a further 5% off their purchase.

Fire Artillery

Fire Artillery is pretty self explanatory. It’s right there in the name.

Launch long-range, arcing incendiaries that detonate, damaging enemies and erupting into a circle of flames. As long as enemies stand in your flames, they’ll continue taking damage.

There is no escape from the flames!

While the flames may not slow the enemy down like the Brambler, Fire Artillery has a bigger radius than any other artillery Weapon and its effect lasts nearly 20% longer than Repair Artillery or Brambler! Your opponents won’t be able to stand the heat. Watch them scatter in fear.

With its damage over time effect, large area and long duration, Fire Artillery is excellent at controlling the battlefield. The enemy will move where the flames make them move… or they’ll melt. Their choice.


Fletcher is a solid medium Body that hasn’t sacrificed all of its Speed for heavier Armor plating. It can take a few hits, but it’s also not going to get left in the dust by every competitor it encounters.

This is the perfect complement to Fire Artillery, since your role will typically be consistent and constant harassment of opponents who stay back. Fletcher isn’t too clunky to maneuver, but has enough Armor and Energy to hold its ground if an enemy starts to put pressure on it.

Fletcher is fast enough to maneuver but tough enough to hold position when it needs to.

Many Pilots are very interested in Bodies at the extremes — either pure bulk or little glass cannon. Don’t write off medium Bodies like Fletcher though. Being able to adapt to different challenges in each match is the greatest strength of any Pilot, and a Body featuring the best of both worlds is often ideal for that kind of versatility.


The Antlers aren’t super high-tech. What did you expect — they’re antlers!

These were designed as a pure representation of the power of nature. Nature brings life and order, but it also destroys. Antlers will boost your power with elemental damage to make you a true force of nature.

Flame On Pilots!

There are those that burn and those that are burned. Which are you?

The transfabrication lines of the Planetary Union still have tons of surprises coming up, but it’s not likely that Pilots will see anything like The Stag for quite a while.

This sale starts on Tuesday, July 25th at 12pm PT. Make sure to head over to the Spider Tanks Store and get yours while they’re hot!