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Gala Games Throws Immersive SDCC Party, with Demos, Branded Food Trucks and More!

July 20, 2023
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The San Diego convention couldn’t possibly fit all this excitement, so we’re renting out the iconic brewery down the street!

This year, Gala Games is throwing a party you won’t forget. From July 20–22, we’re transforming the Mission Brewery Tasting Room at 131 14th Street into a magical immersive experience we call Club Clandestine. It’s a place where SDCC gamer guests in the know can escape the madness for a bit and let their imaginations wander in a world of fun, games, and camaraderie.

The Daytime Party

Our party kicks off on Thursday from 2–6pm PT, and continues on Friday and Saturday from 12–4pm PT. We’re going all-out with mouth-watering tacos from Taco Love, served right out of one of at least two majestic Gala Games Taco Trucks. Picture this: incredible games, delicious tacos, refreshing Gala Games branded brews, and a community of gamers just as passionate as you. Sounds like the perfect party, doesn’t it?

And ice cream! Almost forgot to mention the ice cream!

But it doesn’t stop there. We’re offering party guests a complimentary pack of several NFTs from participating Gala Games, along with exclusive sale prices on certain items. The Club Clandestine party is the hub of all things Gala Games throughout the weekend — a place for relaxation, play, and meeting fellow Gala Gamers. It’s not just a party, it’s the ultimate Gala Games IRL experience, just a quick stroll from the main event.

The Nighttime Party

Gala Gold members are invited to a special VIP party on Friday evening, from 6–11pm at Club Clandestine. You should have already received an email. If you have joined Gold more recently than yesterday and are planning to attend this party, let us know in Discord and we’ll make sure you have the “ticket.”

Got the too-far-from-San Diego blues? Don’t worry, you’ll find plenty of excitement as a Gala Gamer right there at home, with more games to play, more things to do and more prizes to chase.

Everyone at home should check out Thursday’s special on-location episode of Ahead of the Game with BitBender, straight from Club Clandestine at 4pm PT. That’s right during the first day’s open hours, so guests might even have opportunities to appear on the show!

Set a notification for tomorrow’s show:

The Games

At Gala Games, we’re not just about throwing epic parties; we’re serious about our games too. That’s exactly why relocating to the SDCC neighborhood for the event. With this massive close-by venue, we’ll showcase our incredible AAA games that blend cutting-edge technology and web3 empowerment.

Let’s take a closer look at each of our main showcase titles for this event, and why each of them is so special to us and our community.

Last Expedition

Fans of Last Expedition will be especially excited, because we’ve got an amazing new build for guests to explore. Yep, this is the Unreal 5 version, the same build that you may have seen leaked by our own Jason “BitBender” Brink during one of his weekly streams.

Update Added 7/20/23

The 4th Operator’s license bundle sale just kicked off on July 20th! 1000 Operator’s license bundles are available. Learn more at the blog below:

This time, in addition to the Operator’s license bundle, the team has also released a new bundle package called the Hunter’s Early Access Pack, which includes an Early Access Token that will soon unlock access to the latest build.

We’re proud of the cutting edge AAA quality that oozes from every play and view of Last Expedition. Others are just as amazed, and we’re excited to join the illustrious lineup of Comic-Con Panels. The panel will delve into the game with a lineup of its creators on Saturday afternoon.

Spider Tanks

Spider Tanks is live and completely free, and if you haven’t played yet, you may be missing out on your next hobby. The pvp tank brawler has arena esports written all over it, and the web3 ownership aspects powered by GalaChain absolutely knock this game out of the park.

Did you know that anyone can start to earn SILK for playing Spider Tanks for free? It’s true. The development team has been working hard to create a sustainable economic system, and it is working. New players can borrow Tanks, while Tank owners can use their Drop Pods to lend out their Tanks, sharing the rewards.

Another incredible ability of GalaChain demonstrated by Spider Tanks is on-chain item upgrades, which allow players the freedom to grind their way to permanently increased stats on their NFT items!

We suggest you all start playing Spider Tanks ASAP, so you can be ready skillswise when all the serious competition arrives. The guests at our SDCC Mission Brewery party will get to experience it for themselves in one of our multiple gaming lounges.

The Walking Dead: Empires

We’re opening up a brand new test build of The Walking Dead: Empires to the entire community throughout Comic-Con. Come, explore the thrilling world of AMC’s The Walking Dead in the post-apocalyptic survival MMO alongside your fellow gamers.

This playtest is live from July 20th-July 23rd, the duration of San Diego Comic-Con. If you really think about it, the folks at home are the real winners here– they’ll have plenty of time to dig in over the three day playtest.

The party will also feature playables of mobile-first games Champions Arena and Eternal Paradox. Sorry, no open community playtests for those this time, but our other mobile titles, Meow Match and Dragon Strike: Puzzle RPG are fully live and playable right now!

Ahead of the Game — On Location

Come hang out with BitBender in person!

Since the regular scheduled weekly show falls right into the first day of our Club Clandestine party at Mission Brewery, and since BitBender will be there in the flesh… We’ll bring you a live on-location show, straight from the party. That way you can see what you’re missing 😂. Seriously though, Jason live streaming from the party is your best chance of getting some killer leaks.

Set a notification for this special 4pm PT Thursday episode at the link below.

Specials and Sales

Let’s be honest here. We’re giving Club Clandestine party guests all sorts of swag and opportunities. But that doesn’t mean that the rest of you are missing out.

We can only assume the exclusive insider info will leak naturally when necessary. 😉

When SDCC 2023 starts, so does your Gala Games long weekend of playtest fun.

Rumor has it there will be a discount code going around the convention for 10–50% certain Gala Games items in the store. Hope that code doesn’t get out.