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The Spider Tanks Honor System: What it Is and How it Works

December 13, 2022
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Honor is a system of rewarding supportive activity while limiting the rewards of unsupportive activity in the Spider Tanks ecosystem.

Note: All details presented in this article are subject to change at any time and for any reason.

The Principles of Honor

The honorable PLAY, not just take.

Extractive players are those who seek only to remove rewards from the ecosystem. Spider Tanks is more fun, works better and lasts longer when players focus on playing, not extracting. With this in mind, it should be hard for players to continuously extract value without deeply engaging with the game.

For the honorable, PLAY is often its own reward.

The Spider Tanks Ecosystem is full of players who enjoy, engage and prioritize fun over Rewards. Rewards are nice, but they are not the core of these players’ motivation. We want these players to get the most rewards.

Honor is difficult to gain, but often easy to lose.

Spider Tanks Honor and reputation, as in real life, should be hard to earn but easy to lose. This can sometimes mean that Honor which takes a long time to build up can be lost very quickly as the result of a single harmful action.

What is Honor in Spider Tanks?

The first and strongest purpose of Honor is built into its name: To bestow the well-deserved honor onto those who participate in the Spider Tanks Ecosystem in the most supportive ways. For those who do not, Honor will be something of a burden.

Honor is meant only to be a burden for those who come only to extract. Players who have good intentions, play the game constructively and supportively, will barely be affected by Honor. Actions that decrease Honor will only begin to affect rewards in a significant way when they are done excessively. When used in a measured and responsible manner, many of these actions will still be encouraged. Players will even be allowed to extract value to some extent and enjoy the full experience of Spider Tanks’ Web3 rewards.

Note also, that the Tokenomic Model is designed to have a determined amount of SILK issued over time. What that means is that the SILK that is not given out today (due to users having low Honor) will sit in a buffer-pool waiting to be issued in the future. This means that net-net and over time, Honor is neutral to players. It will just transfer earning potential from low-Honor players to high-Honor players.

How it Works

The Honor System will act by unlocking full Play & Earn potential only for those who are beneficial to the health of the Spider Tanks Ecosystem. Meanwhile, those who seek to extract, will enjoy only a limited version of Play&Earn- manifested through a debuff on their Victory Points.

Honor goes from 0 to 1,200 and will linearly affect the player’s potential Victory Points. For example, a user with 900 Honor will get 75% (900/1200) of the full-potential Victory Points.

Note that those who are currently participating in the Spider Tanks Ecosystem, and have played since the October 31st launch will exceptionally start at Honor 1,200 and therefore full-potential Victory Points rewards. This is just a small way for us to express our gratitude to the community while celebrating Spider Tanks’ successful launch. Still, remember that Honor can quickly be lost by performing Negative Actions.

All new accounts will start with 300 Honor which can then be raised or lowered with Honor Actions.

Honor Actions

This is pretty simple. Positive Actions increase Honor, and Negative Actions decrease Honor. Finally, Redeeming Actions negate or reduce the impact of Negative Actions.

Positive Actions

Playing Spider Tanks and winning (at least one game)

Players can increase their Honor each day by playing a SpiderTanks match and winning. The amount of Honor increase is dependent on the highest level of Tank/Part won with on that day, as well as Maps. For Tank Parts, this does not stack with every win, but is rather a single bonus each day for the highest rarity Part you have won a match with:

  • For NFT players: Common +4 / Uncommon +4 / Rare +5 / Epic +5 / Legendary +7 / Ancient +8
  • For Pilots & Captains: Common +2 / Uncommon +2 / Rare +3 / Epic +3 / Legendary +3 / Ancient +4

Note: Playing with multiple NFTs does not grant more Honor. The Honor increase is given by the highest Rarity NFT used on that day.

Running a Spider Tanks Planetary Node

Running a Planetary Node will increase Honor by 8 points each day. Note that it can be stacked by running more Planetary Nodes, each providing +8 Honor each day.

Bridging-in SILK from Ethereum to Project GYRI

Players can also contribute to the Ecosystem by bridging-in SILK from Ethereum to Project GYRI, as described below:

  • For every 100 SILK bridged-in, Players will gain 3 Honor
  • In a single day, Players can get a maximum of +300Honor [10,000 SILK] — after which bridging-in stops having any effect for that day.

Negative Actions

Bridging-out SILK from Project GYRI to Ethereum

Players will lose some Honor whenever they Bridge-out SILK from Project GYRI to Ethereum. It is not meant to be punitive for those who bridge-out a moderate amount and these Players will barely feel any impact in terms of rewards. However, those who bridge-out excessively, looking only to extract from the Ecosystem, will see their Honor fall.

Honor loss is determined by comparing the amount of SILK held at the beginning of the day on Project Gyri versus how much SILK was bridged-out. For example, a Player with 1,000 SILK in their wallet who bridges-out 500 SILK, would lose 50% (500/1,000) Honor, equivalent to -600 Honor.

If a user is ever over the threshold where transferring 10,000 SILK would result in less than 20% maximum Honor loss (Total SILK > 50,000), Honor loss is instead based on a flat rate of 20% maximum Honor (240) loss for each 10,000 SILK transferred out. This ensures that no one can avoid Honor Loss entirely simply by hoarding SILK, thus limiting potential upgrades available to other Pilots.

Sending SILK to another Project GYRI wallet

Sending SILK to another Project GYRI wallet will be considered as negative as bridging out, given that otherwise, the system would be easily exploited.

Honor loss is determined by comparing the amount of SILK held at the beginning of the day vs how much SILK was sent to another wallet For example, a Player with 1,000 SILK in their wallet who sends 300 SILK to a friend’s Gyri wallet, would lose 30% (300/1,000) Honor, equivalent to -360 Honor.

Sending or transferring 2 or less SILK will never trigger a negative action.

It is critical to understand that for users who play and extract a small amount over time, Honor will have almost no impact. For example, a user who has 10,000 SILK and extracts <1% of that SILK per day will have almost no negative whatsoever. The way to gain the most from honor is to play and build up, and then extract slowly over time while participating in the game’s core loop.

Redeeming Actions

Spending SILK in the Gala Games Store

It is understood that players might need to bridge-out SILK in order to spend in the Gala Games Ecosystem — to either buy a Tank Part, a Skin, etc. In that case, players should not see their Spider Tanks reward potential affected, given that they are contributing to the Ecosystem in a way. Redeeming Actions only consider Spending in the Store with [ETH] SILK. Spending directly from your Project GYRI wallet is not considered a Redeeming Action.

Redeeming actions are called this way because they cannot be used to increase Honor, only to mitigate a potential Honor loss. Note that Redeeming Actions must take place on the same day of the Honor loss. Also note that Honor is calculated at the end of the day, such that Redeeming Actions can happen before or after the Honor loss. For example:

  • A player has 1,000 SILK in their Project GYRI wallet and bridges-out 500 SILK to Ethereum. If the player spends 500 SILK from the Ethereum Network in the Gala Games store, there will be no negative impact on the Honor for that day.
  • A player has 1,000 SILK in their Project GYRI wallet and spends 200 SILK from the Ethereum Network in the Gala Games store in the morning, so they can bridge-out up to 200 SILK that day with no Honor impact.
  • If the Player bridges-out 300 SILK before the end of the day, the Honor loss would be 10% or -120 Honor. Given that (300–200)/1,000 = 10%
  • If the Player bridges-out 100 SILK before the end of the day, the Honor loss would be 0% or -0 Honor. Given that (100–200)/1,000 = -10% (but Min Honor Loss is 0%)
  • If the Player bridges-out 200 SILK before the end of the day, the Honor loss would be 0% or -0 Honor. Given that (200–200)/1,000 = 0%

Web3 With Honor

The empowerment of Web3 comes with an important shared responsibility to look out for one another. With a culture of fun, support, loyalty, and Honor, Spider Tanks is only getting started.

We hope you have found this article on the Spider Tanks Honor System beneficial in some way. We invite you to hit the Spider Tanks arenas today and start enjoying the world’s first Web3 esport absolutely free.

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