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Bridging is Now Open

December 15, 2022
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Bridging functions are now fully available, allowing SILK, in-game items and more to be transferred in or out of the ecosystem.

We hope you’ve all been enjoying the world’s first Web3 esport since the recent launch! Maybe you’ve even run into familiar members of the Gala Games and GAMEDIA teams in the arena. Hopefully in this situation you were able to appropriately trounce them — As they say, the developers rarely have the time to enjoy the greatest gaming skills.😁

Today’s message is short and sweet, as we’re thrilled to announce that BRIDGES ARE NOW COMPLETE. You can now move SILK and other in-game items as you please.

Blockchain Bridges

Spider Tanks runs on Gala Games’ native blockchain, Project GYRI, carefully custom designed by our expert blockchain engineers for games first. This blockchain embraces and maximizes everything Web3 can do for gaming while virtually eliminating the superfluous parts. This is a true blockchain for gamers, meaning that it will effectively hide in the background, providing you with the most empowered Web3 gaming experience you have ever seen.

Blockchain bridges are a crucial part of a games-first blockchain like Project GYRI. Your freedom as a Web3 gamer involves the ability to easily move assets back and forth from the established Ethereum blockchain with all its convenience and widespread use.

Today’s Update

After extensive testing and re-testing, we have now implemented off-ramp bridging to the Ethereum blockchain for both ERC-20 and ERC-1155 tokens.

The network fee for bridging assets from Project GYRI to Ethereum is payable in GALA from your Project GYRI wallet.

Keep in mind that in some instances, bridging assets out of the Spider Tanks ecosystem negatively impacts Honor, which can affect the degree to which you can earn SILK rewards.

Don’t Blink

There is still some undisclosed excitement in store before the holidays, so make sure to keep your Spider Tanks Garages warm and ready.

This weekend, we’ll have something extra special for Founder’s Node operators. Look for more info coming very soon.

See you in the arena.

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