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VOX Holiday Mystery Box Sale

December 15, 2022
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All you need to know about the upcoming holiday sale

The VOX community is the best on the planet, and we’re grateful that you’re part of it! That’s why we decided to give back in a big way by stuffing our VOX Holiday Mystery Boxes with holiday cheer, good wishes, and one amazing random VOX-related NFT.

Contents of Mystery Boxes

Each Box will contain 1 random NFT. Every Box is a winner!

  • VOX (Series 1–4) — approx. 31.78% of Boxes
  • VOXverse Fantasy Land Parcels (Common — Ancient Rarity) — approx. 11.44% of Boxes
  • VOX Odyssey Adventure Packs (Epic — Legendary Rarity) — approx. 56.78% of Boxes

Pre-Sale Details for VOX Holders

WEN: Wednesday, December 21st @ 2PM PT — Thursday, December 22nd @ 12PM PT

WHERE: Link will be sent out as an announcement in the VOX Discord at the time of sale, reveal your Box at

WHO: VOX or VOX Box Holders of Series 1–4 VOX

PRICE: 0.08 ETH (payment will occur following redemption)

QUANTITY: 1000 Boxes (first come, first serve, purchase limit of 2 Boxes per wallet)

DETAILS: Users will navigate to the webpage at the time of sale, and will be able to redeem up to 2 Holiday Mystery Boxes per Wallet.

  • To complete the order, users will be required to enter their email and billing address. Email will be critical for fulfilment of the Holiday Mystery Box, so please ensure you enter your email address correctly.
  • After you order, you will receive an order confirmation email with your order number. If you receive this email, your order has been confirmed and your Holiday Mystery Boxes will be sent as long as you complete the payment process by December 22nd @ 12PM PT.
  • In the evening (Pacific Time) of December 21st, all users will receive an additional email with payment instructions. There will be a slight delay after the order before receiving the email.
  • Payment must be received by December 22nd @ 12PM PT to honor the sale.
  • If any of the Pre-Sale Holiday Mystery Boxes have not been claimed and paid for by December 22nd @ 12PM PT, they will be subsequently put for sale on OpenSea.
  • No more than 2 Holiday Mystery Boxes per wallet will be honored in the pre-sale.

Public Sale Details

WEN: Wednesday, December 21st @ 3PM PT

WHERE: Purchase on OpenSea and reveal your Box at

WHO: Anyone can purchase


QUANTITY: 888 Boxes (no purchase limit)

DETAILS: The Holiday Mystery Box will be included in the official VOX Box Collection. Sales will look like standard OS secondary listings. Please see the red circle in the image below to view where to purchase the Boxes in the Public Sale.

Exchange Boxes on

Boxes can be exchanged on starting on December 21st @ 12PM PT.

  • Users will need to connect their wallet which holds the Holiday Mystery Box token to
  • Navigate to ‘My Collection’, then locate the Holiday Mystery Box and click ‘Exchange’ (exchange process may take a few minutes). It’s recommended to stay on the same tab while the exchange is happening.
  • Once the exchange is complete, users will be able to see the contents of the VOX Holiday Mystery Box(es) directly on screen, and also will be viewable on OpenSea.
  • For users that won land parcels in their VOX Holiday Mystery Box(es), the land will not be viewable in ‘My Collection’ but will be viewable on OpenSea. Resource Packs also may take a couple minutes before showing up in ‘My Collection’ but will show up in OpenSea immediately.

Thank you for being here and happy holidays!

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