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The Spider Tanks Arena, Evolved

June 6, 2023
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Patch 1.3.1 is here, and the start of Season 1 evens out the playing field.

The Planetary Union has officially announced the last pockets of Mayhem have dissipated from the solar system according to their readings. We hope all Pilots enjoyed this year’s frenzy, and that everyone returns to their senses safely, more than satisfied with their triumphs throughout the month.

With Mayhem behind us, it’s time to look to the future of Spider Tanks. Huge technological advancements in the tools of destruction that Pilots employ in the arena have changed the battle forever. The arena doesn’t sit still though. The arena evolves.

Edit 6/7/23: 
Patch 1.3.1 has been deployed addressing several bugs:

An issue with players stuck in “Joining Game” has been fixed.

An issue that caused a loop when accessing Saved Builds in the Garage has been fixed.

An issue with player’s rank in the leaderboards has been fixed.

Patch 1.3.0

This patch marks a major turning point in Spider Tanks, as new features, fixes and improvements will make the arena more fun and accessible to all.

New Content

The game now features a tutorial to familiarize players with the game before they get thrown onto a team. Think you’re ready for the arena? New rookie missions will test your skill. Complete them all to unlock a special Graduation Cap Prop in your Garage.

Casual Matchmaking

Casual matchmaking has been added to the game. In this mode, there is no VP awarded for wins or Elo gained or lost. Missions, however, can be completed within Casual Matchmaking.

Players who join Casual Matchmaking will immediately join a match in progress. If there is not one in progress already, a new game will be made with bots filling spaces until players join. When one game ends, the next will begin immediately and there is no penalty for leaving a match in progress.

Matchmaking Improvements

In Ranked Matchmaking, low BR players who end up matched against higher BR players will now receive a temporary BR buff to make the matchup more fair. This adjustment will never reduce a Tank’s BR, but will buff lower rating tanks up to 10 BR or 20 BR if necessary to get them a little closer to the power of their opponent.

This buff will just be for the duration of any match it is applied and will not affect any VP awarded upon winning.


The mission interface has been streamlined in a few ways. Your inventory will now appear within the mission menu, and mission rewards are now named. You can also see your missions on the main ‘Play’ menu as well now. Completing a mission now gives you the bonus reward of a sweet animation!

The scoreboard in game will now show which players are in a party, as well as what type of match you are in. When players leave the game before the end now, they will still appear on the results screen.

Ever lose track of what’s going on with The Payload during Poultry Pusher? Now each Payload will have a HUD icon that displays its status.

We know the pain that comes from accidentally rerolling a Perfect upgrade. That pain will never be felt again, as it is now impossible to reroll a Perfect.

For the busiest Pilots out there with lots of contracts, you can now filter your contracts by Captain name.

Notable Bug Fixes

  • Numerous issues with Piloting and Drop Pods have been fixed.
  • Fixed players being kicked for low FPS or high ping after the match has ended.
  • Fixed the issue where players were able to change Abilities mid-match.
  • Fixed bug where multiple people could pick up one egg.

Introducing: Spider Tanks Season 1

With everything that has changed in the arena over the past seven months since Spider Tanks launched, it’s time for a fresh start. New Weapons and Bodies are pushing the meta to new places. New ace Pilots are inventing new strategies and innovating refined combos. Out with the old, in with the new.

The upcoming 1.3.1 patch marks the end of Spider Tanks Season 0. Elo will be reset at some point the day after the patch has been deployed, and everyone will have to fight to climb again. Rank will be hidden for all players until this reset occurs. These are intense times in the arena. Do you have what it takes to rise with the best early on?

Season 0 has one last parting gift before it goes… to remember all that winning. All players have been rewarded with a new in-game profile icon based on the highest rank they ever achieved during Season 0.

What did you acheive this season?

The Battle Rages On

The battle keeps going in the arena. We don’t know how long Season 1 will last (or we’re not saying), but you can bet that it won’t be forever. Climb that ladder, get those wins, dominate the competition!

We hope everyone enjoys this new patch. Keep your eyes peeled for some news coming in next week about a much-anticipated sale on a special, super-threatening Weapon that most of you very much know and love.

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