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A New Chapter in Gala Games History: The $GALA Smart Contract Upgrade

June 6, 2023
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The historic $GALA contract upgrade is now complete and we’re ready to rock the world of gaming.

We have noticed some questions in Discord and in social media regarding the (now completed) $GALA contract upgrade. That’s right, we have successfully completed a monumental milestone in our journey — the massive smart contract upgrade from the original $GALA token to the new $GALA token.

Note: The token ticker is still $GALA. You will not see it listed as “v2” outside of these communications. All of the exchanges on our list (found below) have upgraded and if you buy $GALA from these exchanges, it is on the new contract.

This upgrade was a considerable undertaking, requiring months of tireless work, unwavering dedication, and unparalleled cooperation from our stellar team and numerous partners. The upgrade was carried out with flawless precision, a testament to the skills and expertise of all involved. The $GALA contract upgrade commenced at block #17267620 on May 15th, and we’re pleased to report that every wallet that held the now-deprecated token at the start of the upgrade now carries an equivalent amount of $GALA token on the new contract.

The previous token is now defunct, surrendering all its previous functions to the new $GALA. With assistance from our exchange partners and coin listing platforms, we have transitioned to the new token contract seamlessly and securely.

Multiple Audits

Our commitment to security has led us to undergo multiple audits by renowned firms CertiK and Anchain. In the spirit of transparency, we have shared these results with the public in this blog:

Number of Publicly Supporting Exchanges

We are blown away by the immense support we received throughout the transition from the worldwide community of crypto exchanges. A total of 54 exchanges announced support of the $GALA(v2) contract upgrade to their communities in advance of block# 17267620.

For a list of those exchanges, reference this blog:

New API for Circulating Supply

As part of our ongoing commitment to transparency, we have released a new API for $GALA’s circulating supply.

Where to Get $GALA

$GALA is available on many popular exchanges throughout the world, including but not limited to those listed below (in no particular order).

Bitkub (Thai) (Philippines)
Indodax (Indonesia)
Bitbank (Japan)

More a more complete list of exchanges, check out $GALA on CoinGecko, where you’ll find market/price info, tokenomics and more.

Words of Thanks

At Gala Games, our vision has always been to empower and decentralize gaming. The successful completion of this upgrade brings us one step closer to making that dream a reality.

But we didn’t do this alone.

A massive and heartfelt thank you to our extraordinary Gala Games community. Your unwavering support and trust in us fuels our determination to continually strive for excellence. You have been with us every step of the way, sharing in our triumphs, weathering our challenges, and championing our cause. Together, we are not just changing the game; we’re changing the world.

We’re thrilled about what this upgrade means for the future of Gala Games and its community. The new $GALA token will enable us to deliver an even more engaging and decentralized gaming experience. As we move forward, we are excited to keep innovating, keep evolving, and keep making gaming history.

Let’s continue on this journey together, toward empowerment, decentralization, and, of course, more great gaming experiences!

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