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Ahead of the Game Ep 3 — Live June 8 at 4pm PT

June 7, 2023
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Have you checked out our new weekly series on the Gala Games YouTube channel hosted by Jason “Bitbender” Brink?

If you haven’t you probably should! Every week Jason is going to break down the latest going on in the Gala Games Ecosystem, drop some juicy leaks, interview members of the community and take some AMA questions from Gala Gold.

Episode 2 Recap

Jason started off the stream with a little recap of how May Mayhem went overall and he discussed some of the highlights from the month. He talked about how much fun he’s been having with GRIT, and even offered live viewers a 1000 $GALA bounty to whoever could gun down Benefactor in game.

For this week’s interview, Jason was joined by the (in?)famous Dr. Wookie, aka, Choobaca. The doctor discussed how he got into the Gala Games community, as well as some of the ways that he thinks that we could improve in the future.

Jason also got into a full half hour of AMA questions from both the YouTube chat and Gala Gold on Discord. We aren’t going to dip into the juicy details too far here. This is just a few paragraphs of recap on a stream packed full of info! Go check out the video on YouTube to get the full story!

Replay from last Thursday. Drop a comment about your favorite part!


With this year’s May Mayhem now in the past, there’s a lot coming up in the future at Gala Games.

With tons of different games in development and more live every month, it can sometimes be tough to keep up with the news around here!

That’s why “Ahead of the Game” is here!

Catch the next one at 4pm PT, Thursday, June 8th!

Note: Due to technical difficulties the normal stream has been postponed. Instead, we will host a Discord Stage in audio to discuss the Ahead of the Game topics!

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