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We Have Survived May Mayhem!

June 13, 2023
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May was a little Mayhem, but thanks to the destructive power of our Pilots, we made it!

For the past two years at the height of galactic spring, a strange energy spreads through the solar system from an extra dimensional distortion near the edge of the Khyber belt. While most citizens have come to refer to this energy as simple, “Mayhem”, scientists are learning more about the behavior of this unknown radiation each appearance.

As previously suggested, it seems this “Mayhem” causes stimulated blood flow to the amygdala in humans… This can often result in more aggressive behavior. Luckily, the wise leadership of The Planetary Union learned from previous Mayhem Waves and encouraged all citizens to pour their excessive appetite for destruction into the arena this year. Today, we’d like to announce that this has been an unmitigated success.

Congratulations Tank fam! We did it!

Pilots, We Salute You!

Your brave efforts during this Mayhem provided the kind of metal on metal, unbridled destruction that productive citizens across the planets needed to get through this difficult time. Thousands of Pilots placed on the May Mayhem leaderboards, and we congratulate each and every one of you!

A huge amount of Bolts and Arachnium were awarded to those brave enough to take on the Mayhem:

  • 17,149,500 Bolts
  • 171,495 Arachnium
  • $342,990 total Store value!

This Mayhem, skilled Pilots took home all the following Tank Parts:

  • 10,000 Props
  • 6000 Skins
  • 3000 Common Bodies
  • 1000 Common Weapons
  • 40 Uncommon Bodies
  • 40 Uncommon Weapons
  • 24 Rare Bodies
  • 24 Rare Weapons
  • 12 Epic Bodies
  • 12 Epic Weapons
  • 4 Legendary Bodies
  • 4 Legendary Weapons

Additionally, 294 Pilots racked up enough wins each week to earn the sweetest May Mayhem reward ever. These brave few who managed 70+ wins each week during May Mayhem were sent the exclusive Skin — Stroopwafel!

We hope your monumental accomplishment brings you great joy from your nooks to your crannies.

As of last week, all rewards have now been delivered for May Mayhem in Spider Tanks. In total, 3103 Pilots received at least some reward during this event!

Thank you to everyone for participating in this special event. We hope the winning spirit of Mayhem stays in your hearts and launchers all year long!

Enter the Arena Now!