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The Pillars of Common Ground World: Town Star Nodes Reborn

October 5, 2023
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Town Star Nodes are growing up, rebranding, and reviving the core promises upon which they were founded.

As Town Star moves forward into the transition to Common Ground World, the team is dedicated to fulfilling the promises made in the past. We know that some of this has been a long time coming, but we believe it is important that the community and network be given the respect it deserves even as development moves in new directions.

Of all areas of the ecosystem, Town Star Nodes (soon to be renamed Common Ground World Nodes) have been a subject of considerable debate and discussion within our community, particularly given the extended periods without earnings that node operators have had to weather. We recognize the unwavering support of those who have kept their nodes operational despite these challenges, and their pivotal contributions to the network and to IPFS. With gratitude and in recognition of this dedication, we are excited to announce a special award program tailored for our esteemed Town Star Node owner/operators.

The Town Star Node Recognition Award Program

Understanding the value each node brings and to balance the scales for those who purchased at a higher price point, we are unveiling an award program that ensures node holders feel the weight of their initial commitment at the same time as we roll out the node NFTs for Town Star Nodes.

Here’s the essence of the program: We aim to make it so the number of nodes you possess will reflect as if your initial purchase price was $1,000 per node, which is the price for which we intend to sell more nodes in the future. Here are a couple of illustrations:

  • If you initially purchased a node at $4,000, you will be awarded 4 node NFTs when the node NFTs drop.
  • Similarly, if your initial node purchase was for $15,000, you will receive 15 node NFTs.

A Glimpse into the Future: Roadmap Highlights

But that’s not all! Our roadmap for Town Star Nodes is both social-centric and guild-oriented:

  1. Guild-Centric Nodes: Town Star Nodes will not just be about passive operations. They will play a central role in guild dynamics, fostering interactions and community growth.
  2. Boostable Nodes: Eventually, Town Star Nodes will also serve as the home for several of the “bot” characters from the early days of Town Star, including the Farmbot, the Tradebot, the Boombot, and others. Crane Bots will remain as in-game items only because they serve a critical role instantiated on the board.
  3. Exclusive Access: As a node operator, you’ll enjoy exclusive access to the much-anticipated CGW guild interface within the game. This means you will be the only ones able to list your NFTs in a guild library for members to use.
  4. In-game Perks: Node operators are in for some in-game spoils. From special buffs to unique power drops, you can not only benefit yourself but also share these with your guild members.
  5. Guild Competitions: To spice things up, we will soon be introducing guild competitions. And here’s the catch — the rewards from these competitions will be instrumental in upgrading your NFTs.

Introducing DIRT: A Streak-tracking Soft Token

One criticism that has been leveled is that people have felt they have been running their nodes for nothing. Going forward that will no longer be the case. We will implement a streak-based node operation mechanism similar to that used by the Gala Film Nodes to distribute a database-only tracking counter, dedicated exclusively to monitoring and recording the operational status of nodes. This notional tracking counter is called “DIRT”.

DIRT acts as a testament to a node’s reliability and efficiency. Every unit of DIRT signifies the node’s active contribution to the network, offering a transparent way to reward consistent and dependable node operators. In the future, this distribution of DIRT will be used to calculate other future distributions on-chain.

DIRT also serves as a motivation for node operators to maintain optimal uptime, knowing that their efforts and commitment are being tracked and valued. As we venture further into the decentralized future, tools like DIRT will be instrumental in ensuring the robustness and reliability of our networks.

Overcoming Obstacles, Always Growing

With the commitment and passion of our node operators, we’ve been able to navigate through all the challenges that come with pioneering in the web3 gaming space. With these new initiatives, we’re aiming to make Common Ground World a more rewarding and engaging experience for all. Join us as we embark on this exciting journey!

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