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Summon New Champions in Season 4

October 5, 2023
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Season 4 introduces 2 brand new Legendary Champions into the fray–Enjoy a heightened chance to summon them for a limited time!

Greetings, valiant warriors! A new season has dawned in Champions Arena, and with it comes exhilaration, adventure, and a sprinkle of Legendary might! Prepare your best strategies, gear up, and step into the Arena because Season 4 promises battles like you’ve never seen before.

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New Legendary Champions Await!

This season introduces an unprecedented opportunity for summoners. Enter Danishka and Miko — two brand new Legendary Champions set to make waves in the Arena. Their power, skills, and mystique are the talk of every town, and now, they can be part of your formidable team!

Here’s the most thrilling part: during this season, every summon at their Estate’s Altar of Champions grants a heightened chance to acquire Danishka and Miko. Such a generous boost won’t last forever, so seize this moment to welcome these legends into your ranks.

Looking for the edge that will get you through that unbeatable Campaign battle? Look no further than new Champions Danishka and Miko!

Exclusive Growth Package for the Lucky Summoners!

For those fortunate enough to summon Danishka or Miko, a special surprise awaits. Exclusively for you, the New Champion Growth Package will become available for purchase. This package is brimming with essentials to supercharge your new Legendary Champion, propelling their abilities and might to celestial heights. It’s the perfect kickstart for your new companion in their Arena journey.

Season 4 Updates, Fixes, and More!

As with every new season, we’re committed to enhancing your gaming experience. Season 4 brings along a plethora of updates, tweaks, bug fixes, and ability adjustments, ensuring smoother and more thrilling battles.

  • Login now for a special random Aura Box reward.
  • Danishka and Miko are now available in both types of Summon, with an enhanced limited-time chance to summon.
  • The new Champions are now eligible for the 15% VP New Champion Bonus in the PvP Arena.
  • Lavina, Safrina and Jia are no longer eligible for the New Champion Bonus.
  • Growth Packs for the new Champions are now available in-game.
  • A random time delay has been added when items are listed on the Trade Market, so listed items will no longer appear immediately.
  • Quixote’s critical hit rate has been increased, and passive play, status effect icons have been added.
  • Nerdan, the new Battlepass Champion has been added to the book.
  • The term “Curse” has been replaced with “Reinforcement Prohibited” in the Tower of Trials description.
  • Descriptions have been added to the Estate Board and Estate Store.
  • In the Estate Board, all quests reset at the daily reset time, even if they weren’t completed or the rewards weren’t collected.
  • Once completing a quest on Estate Board, a part of the rewards go to the Estate’s Storage in the Store. Those who have authority over the Estate may sell such items.
  • Multiple typos have been collected in the Spanish version of the Arena lineup screen.
  • The error “Maximum 3” has been removed from the description of Varnas’ passive unique status effect.
  • The bug where the text of skills being used would intermittently not display correctly.
  • Typos in the passive skill description of Kingtitan were fixed.
  • Soulstone tab sorting criteria has been adjusted.

Hit the Arena

Prepare yourself, champion, for a season bursting with challenges, new allies, and legendary encounters. Forge new alliances, strategize your moves, and ascend to greatness in Season 4 of Champions Arena. The Arena awaits your valor!

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