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The Mercenaries of Eternal Paradox

September 9, 2022
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Learn about Elysium’s Mercenaries — your trusted commanders and allies.

In Eternal Paradox, you need your Mercenary allies by your side. Mercenaries are the ones who execute the will of your castle across Elysium. You’ll use your Mercenaries to explore and gather resources, battle dangerous monsters or other players, and reinforce your allies in epic battles for conquest and glory!

Mercenaries are key to the gameplay of Eternal Paradox in many ways. In the article below, we’ll try to cover the basics of what Mercenaries can do throughout Elysium.

The Elite of Elysium

In Eternal Paradox, the world is entrenched in conflict as the eternal cycle continues, repeating each time the Ring of Ruin stops. You are but one of many challengers seeking to seize fame, fortune and ultimate power from this world. Your Mercenaries are your agents across the land — battling and exploring to expand the reach and glory of your Castle.

Mercenaries perform many actions in Eternal Paradox, and a player can have many Mercenaries they control. Some Mercenary tasks such as adventure mode or arena battles are accessed through the castle, where you can access and manage the buildings within your walls.

Other actions require your Mercenaries to venture out of your castle and into the wild world of Elysium. These field tasks will require your Mercenaries to actually travel to the location you intend to have them explore, defend or conquer.

Players can potentially earn rewards while using eligible Mercenaries in Eternal Paradox. Each Mercenary carries a silver pouch which can be filled with silver points. These points are added to your Mercenary’s pouch based on the resources you collect during any actions you’ve taken throughout a given day using that Mercenary. Every eligible Mercenary’s silver point total is then compared to the total amount of silver points across all eligible Mercenaries that day to determine its portion of the daily rewards distribution.

Each Mercenary carries their own silver pouch in the game, not shared with other Mercenaries that you may control. Pouches only hold so much though! Individual Mercenaries will each have a set maximum amount of silver points that their pouch can store per day.

Adventure Awaits

Your Mercenaries represent you on the field of battle, but not every battlefield is the same. During each cycle of Eternal Paradox, your Mercenaries can fight their way through the campaign in Adventure Mode. These turn-based battles will match your Mercenaries against increasing difficulties of enemies.

Which four Mercenaries you choose for this adventure is an important choice, but clever strategy and planning will always be critical to get the most out of your team. As you advance through each stage of adventure mode, your potential rewards increase. How high will your team advance before the eternal cycle repeats?

Enter the Arena

In the Arena you can also utilize turn-based tactics to push your Mercenaries to victory. This is where you’ll directly square off against other players in Mercenary team battles. Every two weeks brings a new season in the arena, and players will be matched against opponents who have similar scores as they climb the leaderboard.

While Arena battling is turn-based, unlike Adventure Mode, it’s also asynchronous. This means rather than needing to be present when challenged by another team, each player will select a defensive roster of four Mercenaries that will defend them from attackers. When you challenge a team, your four chosen Mercenaries will face their defenders. This makes it important that you choose a Mercenary team whose abilities synergize well with each other and is ready for a wide variety of threats.

With each Arena battle, the winning player receives points that can be saved up and spent on various items. At the end of each season, the highest ranked players can receive larger rewards based on how they performed throughout the two weeks of Arena battling.

Vanquish Your Foes and Secure Resources

While Adventure Mode and the Arena are both ways to play Eternal Paradox that are accessed through your castle, there’s also important business for your Mercenaries beyond the protection of your walls. Outside your gates await dangerous enemies, valuable resources and opposing conquerors.

Each of your Mercenaries can lead soldiers into the field. Choosing an enemy to attack will consume action points for that leader and move your troops towards your target. Once you reach them, the battle begins. Each field battle triggers the auto-battle and the result is determined based on a simulation of combat — meaning the training and growth of your Mercenary and soldiers are essential for victory.

By defeating enemies on the map, you’ll find the resources you need to upgrade your castle buildings. You can also loot materials that you’ll need for equipment as well.

Hunting down foes isn’t the only way to collect the resources you’ll need to become an unstoppable force on Elysium. Your troops can also be sent out to collect resources from various farms, mines or other production landmarks. This doesn’t require action points, but your troops will need to spend some time at the location collecting the resource before returning to the castle.

Watch out though, while you’re collecting a resource you may be vulnerable to attack! Likewise, you can engage troops controlled by other players in the field.

Rally Your Guild

You may find that some threats can’t be handled on your own, and that’s when it helps to have a team you can rely on standing by you. Guilds are communities of many castles and players, all working together towards a common goal. There will be battles that you couldn’t possibly win on your own, and your guild can help you overcome those challenges.

If you encounter an enemy in the field that is too threatening for you, you can rally your guild to arms against your opponent. The player who calls for aid becomes the rally leader, and allied guildmates can send troops to assist them in combat. This can be used against opposing players, but can also be used to defeat powerful monsters or fight to occupy powerful locations — such as the Ring of Ruin.

The ultimate battle in Elysium always takes place at the Ring of Ruin, and many Mercenaries will have to fight side by side to control the mysterious power locked within. Guilds compete with each other for glory throughout the cycle of the game, but the greatest honors are bestowed on those who conquer the Ring of Ruin.

Various activities throughout Eternal Paradox will contribute to the prestige of your guild. Players can potentially earn guild rewards each week according to their individual efforts to support the guild.

Knowledge: The First Step to Victory

We’ve only very briefly discussed some of the many actions your Mercenaries perform in the world of Elysium, but hopefully the role they play in your conquests is a little more clear. Eternal Paradox features deep and complex gameplay, and your Mercenaries are an integral part in executing a winning strategy.

Now that you’re familiar with some of what Mercenaries can do, look for another update from us soon that will give you some insight on how you can make them even stronger. Knowing your Mercenaries is the first step towards conquering the Ring of Ruin and seizing power over time itself!

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