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The Power of Mercenaries

September 16, 2022
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Today we’ll break down how you can upgrade your Mercenaries as they battle in your name across Elysium.

Last week we discussed how Mercenaries aid in your battles throughout Elysium. Now that we’ve covered some of the basics about what your Mercenaries do for you in Eternal Paradox, you can see how critical they are in your battle for conquest.

Your Mercenaries can often mean the difference between glory and defeat. How can you make sure that you have the best of the best as your trusted allies? Today, we’ll dive into all the ways that you can upgrade and train your Mercenaries to hone your fighting force into exactly what you need them to be.

Training Your Elite

Your Mercenaries influence the gameplay throughout all of Eternal Paradox. Growing and developing their abilities over time will be absolutely essential to triumph in battle.

The stats of your Mercenaries directly affect their capabilities. The Leadership stat , for instance, will allow a Mercenary to command more units in field battles as it rises. This would mean a larger fighting force in any of the many battlefields across Elysium.

Beyond their important role as field commanders, battles in Adventure mode are turn-based — fought entirely by your team of Mercenaries. Clearing higher waves of these battles will bring greater glory and rewards, but you’ll need strong Mercenaries and clever gameplay to get there.

When players clash in the Arena, it will be your Mercenaries doing the fighting. This asynchronous PvP will follow the same combat system as Adventure mode. Your Mercenaries will face off against your opponent’s, and the teams that triumph will climb the leaderboards.

Whenever you gain resources in the field as a Mercenary, they will gather silver points in their pouch for the day based on the amount of resources obtained. More powerful Mercenaries can take on more formidable threats, which can potentially mean more silver points in their pouch each day.

How to Upgrade Your Mercenaries

Mercenaries improve their skills in more than one way as you play with them. You can choose how to prioritize your training to develop their abilities, but all of the factors listed below are avenues to a boost in Mercenary power.


Mercenary experience can be gained by hunting monsters or from event rewards. Using this experience, you can level up each of your Mercenaries. Each level, their innate abilities like HP, Attack, Defense, Speed and Leadership will increase.


Each Mercenary has six equipment slots. You can obtain gear throughout various activities in Eternal Paradox, but you can also craft powerful equipment from materials you find in the field.

Each piece of equipment has stats and bonuses specific to that slot. Finding and creating more powerful gear and choosing how to combine the right bonuses for your playstyle refines your Mercenaries talents, so they are the most effective they can be.

Some equipment you’ll come across will be part of a larger set. These equipment sets will give a larger bonus for having all six pieces equipped.


Each Mercenary has a unique set of skills that are divided into two categories: Mercenary Skills and Field Battle Skills. Mercenary Skills are that warrior’s distinct actions in the turn based combat of Adventure mode or Arena battles. Field Battle Skills aid in battles where your Mercenary stands command of an army in the field.

Each skill levels by fulfilling several requirements, including collecting a set amount of a specific resource per level of that skill. The maximum level of any skill is eight. Since each Mercenary’s set of skills is unique, as these skills level higher they will specialize more and more into their specific area of strength to stand out amongst the pack.


Awakening allows your Mercenary to learn additional skills and also increases their base stats. Awakening has three stages for any Mercenary:

  • Stage 1: Obtain an additional stat buff and unlock your Mercenary’s third skill
  • Stage 2: Obtain an additional stat buff and unlock theLeader Skill for your Mercenary
  • Stage 3: Obtain three additional stat buffs

Each time you Awaken a particular Mercenary, you’ll be required to spend more powerful Awakening Stones that can be found in exploration sites in the field.


A Mercenary’s Rank can be anywhere from one to six, and is increased using Mercenary Essence, which can occasionally be found while hunting monsters or during events.

Every rank a Mercenary gains will increase the number of stars displayed in their portrait, as well as increasing their base stats like Leadership, Attack Power, and Stamina.

Immortal Stats

Immortality is the final way that you can upgrade your Mercenaries that we’ll dive into today, but it is likely the most sought after. Unlike the previous methods, Immortality isn’t subject to the whims of the broken timeline each time the Ring of Ruin resets the conflict. Immortal Stats your Mercenaries gain will never reset, and will give them a permanent boost in every repeat of the eternal cycle.

Immortal Stats can be gained slowly as you accumulate experience with nearly any activity in Eternal Paradox. Buffs provided by Immortal Stats can vary greatly, but stacking these up can provide your Mercenaries the upper hand each time the cycle repeats.

Specialize and Customize

How you approach the continued upgrades to your Mercenaries will dictate how you specialize and what types of gameplay your commanders are best suited to. If you want to focus on a certain type of gameplay, you can concentrate on growing the power of the ideal Mercenaries for that. A well rounded team, however, will be necessary to some degree to dominate the battlefield. Don’t work so hard on your strengths you forget your weaknesses.

Each Mercenary has an inherent Attribute: Water, Fire, Wind, Light or Darkness. Each of these indicate certain strengths and weaknesses against opposing monsters or Mercenaries depending on their Attribute. This makes the choice of who to upgrade and what talents to focus on much more strategic, since you’ll want some variety in the types of Mercenaries you rely on.

While most Mercenary skills and abilities are useful in multiple forms of gameplay, some choices are clearly better suited to certain niches. Upgrading Mercenaries that shine in the areas you play most could be your best chance to beat the competition.

  • Adventure Mode: AoE skills or attacks that exploit the weaknesses of boss monsters will be extremely advantageous to surviving wave after wave in turn based battles
  • Hunting Monsters: Mercenaries with strong Leadership and strong Field Battle Skills will excel at hunting enemies in the field.
  • Field PvP: When fighting enemy troops, high damage and high leadership Mercenaries will serve you best.
  • Arena PvP: High attack speed is often essential to deliver the first strike. Mercenaries with HP recovery, resurrection or the ability to debuff enemies will be especially effective.

No matter what you’re specializing in, you can’t really make wrong choices. Improving any Mercenary can help you in your battles, as different Mercenaries can be more effective in different parts of the game. Allies with a variety of specialties and strengths may be your safest route to a well rounded conquest strategy. Due to the cyclical nature of time in Eternal Paradox, every few months you can try out new strategies and see what is most effective!

The Power of Command

Mercenaries serve you in nearly every aspect of Eternal Paradox. Along with improving your Castle, training and upgrading your Mercenaries is your clear path to consolidating your efforts in Elysium and achieving true power!

Your influence in Elysium is only as good as the Mercenaries who execute your will across the land. How will you choose to upgrade your commanders?

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