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The MAYhem Continues! | Week 3 Recap

May 25, 2022
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Gala Games is giving away millions in prizes in our most rewarding month yet!

So Much Mayhem, So Little Time Left!

We are now well over halfway through May and that means you are running out of time to GET IN on the MAYHEM. Just in case you haven’t jumped in yet, let’s give you an idea of the awesome stuff you missed out on, and the even more awesome stuff coming.

Total MAYhem

The third week of May Mayhem is now behind us and just shy of another nearly million dollars’ worth of prizes have been churned out to the winners in the Town Star and Spider Tanks competitions. Here are some highlights:

Spider Tanks Competition ended May 23rd.

  • Spider Tanks Referrers earned $135k for the week between all those who qualified
  • Spider Tanks Competitors won $250k for the week

Town Star Competition ended May 20th.

  • Town Star Competitors won ~$450k

Town Crush

Town Crush got a little too excited for the mayhem and had to be detained for a short time. Town Crush is a test drive of our native blockchain in development, so occasionally unforeseen issues pop up– that’s the point of testing!

Look at Town Crush as a way to extend this year’s Mayhem. Town Crush’s competition will go on as planned (even if a little delayed) after May is behind us when the game returns. The entire $400,000 worth of $GALA in the prize pool will still be available, as well as those bonus Eggsecutioners for Egg Storage NFTs that you own.

Remember, the rewards from this competition will only be for members of Gala Gold. If you’ve been thinking about going Gold, what are you waiting for?

Keep the MAYhem Going

A fresh Town Star competition server started up fresh this morning for you to test your production capability versus all your neighbours.

The P2E server runs for two weeks at a time, so it isn’t resetting this week. There’s still time to jump in there as well before $140,000 in prizes are handed out on the P2E servers at the end of next week. The six players from each server with the most Uniforms sold from May 25th at 9am PT through May 31st at 9am PT will be awarded an equal portion of the total $140,000 prize.

The final May Mayhem Town Star competition began this morning May 24th at 10am PT.

The fourth Spider Tanks May Mayhem competition has been postponed until after Galaverse. After hearing your feedback it was clear that the community wanted a different competition, so we’ve postponed it to regroup and deliver something better.

The current plan is to craft a bracketed tournament with $250,000 in prizes, but this is not set in stone. We’ll keep you updated as we figure out exactly when this tournament will happen.

The $150,000 in rewards for the referral challenge, however, will continue as planned through May 30th at 9am PT.

Free NFTs

A Golden Ticket was sent to all holders and purchasers of any Mirandus item!

A Cookery NFT for The Walking Dead: Empires was sent to all Dead Claim owners!

As we mentioned last week, you still have time before the end of May to earn a free Flour Storage NFT. Everyone who plays Town Star at least three days this May will get shipped this sweet extra storage during June.

Keep your eyes peeled for more free NFT drops coming as the last days of the Mayhem approach. You know that we aren’t going to let this end quietly, right?

The Feed Bot referral contest still has a week left, only 10 referrals to Town Star gives you a faithful metal friend to feed all those animals you’ve been hoarding without you ever lifting a finger. Think of the time you’ll save!

YOU get some MAYhem, and YOU get some MAYhem!!!

We can’t MAYntain this pace for long. Only one week remains for you to jump in and make some of your own MAYHEM.

If you haven’t jumped back into Town Star, Spider Tanks, or Gala Games in general… MAYbe it’s time you MAYke your way back in before the end of MAY MAYHEM!

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