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Welcome to Eternal Paradox

May 25, 2022
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Eternal Paradox is a hybrid 4X/RPG coming soon to Gala Games.

The Ring of Ruin has begun to spin once more, as memories fade and new memories are made. Mercenaries begin to gather; guilds begin to form. The Lands of Elysium brace for another conflict.

With only 9 weeks to prepare, every guild, every Mercenary, every person living in the world of Eternal Paradox needs somewhere to call home. Somewhere to grow stronger, to rest after their conflicts, and to produce the resources required to overcome the trials, tribulations, and conflicts that the coming battle brings.

This is Eternal Paradox. Train your Mercenaries, explore the world, develop your castle, and become the legend that will save us. In Eternal Paradox, players are locked in an eternal struggle for the fate of the world. Can you conquer the Ring of Ruin at the key moment to begin the cycle anew and save the world?

A Hybrid RPG-4X Experience

Eternal Paradox follows the standard 4X basics: Explore, Exploit, Expand, and Exterminate. One major difference is the addition of RPG-style turn-based combat. This blend of two genres makes Eternal Paradox especially interesting.

Once every nine weeks, the Battle for the Ring of Ruin will commence once more. With 20 Mercenaries at launch to collect and train, players will need to strengthen their fighters by running daily missions, participating in PVP, and competing in the arena.

These activities will also earn you Silver Points, which will set your rank. Higher ranks can potentially earn more EPX token rewards. Winning The Battle of the Ring is the ultimate goal each nine weeks, and can earn you a massive EPX prize.

The Very Land Itself

Players can own the NFT Land and allow other players to build their castle as tenants. Owners need to manage and develop their land and choose a buff to provide to all residents to make it a better place to live. You will earn the Silver points based on the resources gained by your tenants.

Land NFTs will come in 6 rarities. Each piece of land will have a number of plots available for players to build their castles on. In addition to controlling the Land itself, owning the Land will allow an owner to set what bonus is given to their tenants. More will be released about these bonuses in the future, but these bonuses can make your land very attractive for other players to live on.

The choice of where to build your castle will be a crucial one. The closer a piece of land is to the crater located in the middle of each section on the map, the higher the rarity will be. This means that not only will higher tiers of land offer more benefits for their owners and residents, but they’ll also be closer to the center of true power on the continent.

As The Ring of Ruin continues to spin, the world will continue to move forward. So manage your lands, build your castles, and train your mercenaries, but know that when the time comes, battle will be joined. Will you be ready?

Ask the Devs Anything

May 25th at 6am PT (10pm KST) the Dev Team will be holding an AMA on YouTube. You can check it out on the YouTube link below. This will be a Korean language AMA, but we will be translating the team’s comments into English live on Discord during the event.

This is the place to ask those questions about what bonuses the land will give to players and how owners and tenants will interact. Mercenaries, who will they be? What do they do? What exactly is the Ring of Ruin? After the Eternal Paradox team digs into all the questions from the community, we will formally put forth a Founder’s Node Proposal for Eternal Paradox to officially join the Gala Games Ecosystem.

Remember, they asked you to ask anything. Have all those questions ready, and we will see you at the AMA to learn more about Eternal Paradox.

Note: Eternal Paradox is still pending approval of the Founder’s Node Network.

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