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The Hunt Begins: The Tiger Tank Arrives Soon

June 29, 2023
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Get ready to hunt or be hunted. An all new prehistoric predator is stalking its way into arenas across the Planetary Union!

Hello to all you Pilots out there! We hope that your journey up the ranks is treating you well!

Looking for a new way to prove that you’re the alpha predator in the arena? Need new ways to stalk your prey before you tear them apart into a shower of bolts and scrap? Well then, today’s new Tank may just be for you.

Planetary Union engineers have designed this new Tank to rival the other bad boys at the top of the food chain. The arena is no stranger to Tanks based off of ancient mythical animals from Earth’s past, but the Tiger Tank brings an entirely new level of deadliness into every match it enters.

If you can maintain the correct distance from a pack of enemies… boom.

The Roar of a Champion

The Tiger has been manufactured as a ready made combo, capable of ruining its prey’s day without any further modifications. That’s not to say the garage tinkerers out there can’t mix and match some other parts in to create exciting new combos with the Tiger’s hardware!

The Tiger Tank is a Hero Tank combo, which means that it is a package deal providing the Ripper Weapon, the Tiger Body and Stripes Skin. All three of these parts will only show up as one item in your inventory if you grab a Tiger Tank, but you’ll be able to use all three parts freely in your Garage!


Caption: This pretty kitty has definitely not been declawed.

Sale Details

The Tiger Tank sale will begin on Wednesday, July 5th at noon PT. At this time, half of the available supply will be released onto The Spider Tanks Store. The second portion of the supply will be released at 8pm PT the same day.

Because Tiger Tank is a Hero Tank combo, each Part can not be purchased separately. Having a Tiger Tank in your inventory will get you all three Parts playable in your Garage — Tiger, Ripper and Stripes.

Note: An additional 5% discount will apply to all purchases made in $GALA, ETH or credit card.

Like other recent Generation 2 sales, Tiger Tank will enter The Spider Tanks Store with an introductory discount. Attentive Pilots will notice that this discount has generally been lowering over time as we get further into the second generation of Spider Tanks parts.

These discounts definitely won’t last forever and will change without notice.

Pity enemies trying to hold down an area objective when the Tiger is on the prowl.

Caption: The Tiger can hit multiple enemies and create absolute chaos for opponents who are bunkered in on an objective.

The Tiger Body

The Tiger Body can be deceptively cute to an unwary opponent. Likewise, its stats can also seem deceptively average. Tiger believes in a balanced pursuit, so this Body prioritizes Energy, Speed and Health equally.

To less veteran Pilots, the middle of the road may seem undesirable. Often in the arena, however, extremes can lump you into one play style and limit your adaptability. With Tiger’s balanced and measured stats, you’re always ready to pounce… no matter the prey.

With Tiger’s signature Ripper Weapon, the staying power of a solid medium tank combined with its reliable pace creates more opportunities for increased carnage.


This cat has got serious claws.

Ripper fires a single projectile a short distance. If the projectile has not collided with an object or an opponent by the time it reaches its destination, it will split into three projectiles. These projectiles will spread out from where they split for another short distance.

With this unique firing pattern, this Weapon is ready to rip apart enemy Tanks… particularly when it approaches multiple Tanks together! Hitting an enemy with the first projectile, however, will make you miss out on the buckshot of your bullets splitting. This means positioning is extremely important when using Ripper.

While this Weapon may at first seem similar to Weapons like Shotgun or Cannon, skilled Pilots will quickly realize the advantages of being able to fire splitting projectiles around obstructions and into heavy cover.

Like Tiger, Ripper is adaptable. You’re capable of assaulting single targets or laying down zone control with a blast pattern that is very forgiving of your accuracy. You’re also able to act as a devastating bunker buster, unleashing vicious, primal assaults on the Control Point or enemy Payload.

The Hunt Is On

Tiger Tank will be available for sale on Wednesday, July 5th in the Spider Tanks Store! Will you join the hunters… or be the hunted?

Don’t miss this chance to let the animal inside you run wild!