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The Gala Games Leaderboard Comes to DragonStrike

July 1, 2023
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The greatest Heroes rise to the top. Does your team have what it takes?

The Gala Games Leaderboard is coming to DragonStrike: Puzzle RPG!

This will be an event unlike any other. Starting Thursday, July 6th all the efforts of your NFT Heroes will contribute to your rank on the leaderboard. Compete for glory and rewards against other players and prove that your team is the best.

Climb the Ladder

Our current timed events within the game — Dragon Strikes, Tournaments, Dragonspire Tower, and the Arena — all let players square off in a closed contest. The Gala Games Leaderboard works a little differently.

Each week there will be a new Gala Games Leaderboard. Your ranking on this leaderboard depends on the performance of your NFT Heroes across other events. This means any battle within the Arena, a Dragon Strike, a Tournament, or Dragonspire Tower can potentially earn you points on the Gala Games Leaderboard.

You’ll only earn points with fully minted Heroes, so remember to keep your favorite NFT Heroes on your team when you can!

Own Your Victory

While an event like the Gala Games leaderboard is great for bragging rights, players will be competing for a bit more than just the pride of being the most powerful. The top players on the leaderboard will be able to claim $GALA rewards!

Each week the top 200 players on the Gala Games Leaderboard will receive $GALA rewards in their Treasure Chest. How much loot you’ll find will depend on where you finish!

Let the Contest Begin!

The first Gala Games Leaderboard starts on Thursday, July 6th! Is your team ready?

Don’t forget that you can always visit our official OpenSea collection at to see what Heroes are available from other players!

We hope you’ve enjoyed these recent updates and are enjoying DragonStrike: Puzzle RPG. See you at the top of the leaderboard!