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The Arena Salutes Hero Tanks

July 3, 2023
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The Tiger will soon be the latest Hero Tank in the arena. Let’s look at some of the classic Heroes that came before it.

Tiger is the latest Tank slated to enter garages across the Planetary Union. This is the first Hero Tank to be released since December, so we thought it would be a great time to look back at some of the mightiest arena heroes that came before Tiger.

While the technology in the arena is always moving forward, some of the firepower from the past is irreplaceable in its strategic benefit to a Pilot. Hero Tanks frequently have special ways of dominating opponents that you just can’t find anywhere else!

Heroes, We Salute You

Hero Tanks are powerful, pre-built combos that come complete with Weapon, Body and Skin. Each Part can be used and upgraded independent of the others, but they typically synergize together in a unique build. All three parts together make up a Hero Tank NFT, and they always are bought, sold or transferred as a package deal. The Body and Weapon on a Hero Tank are totally independent parts though, so one item in your inventory essentially gets you two pools of potential VP gain every day.

Each Hero Tank combo is arguably just a little overpowered in its own way. Favorites like the Lava Tank, Whaleshark and Alpha Executioner are commonly cited as some of the most powerful Tanks around.

The last Hero Tanks released were back in Generation 1. In December of 2022, Pilots first got their chance to own the T-Rex. This powerful combo consists of the Rex Body and the T-Ray Weapon. No other Weapon can fire blasts of concentrated antimatter through walls.

RAWR. The T-Ray is monstrously powerful, but slows your Tank down when you shoot. Solid team support and a Pilot who knows how to evade enemies make a Rex every bit as powerful as its primordial inspiration.

Many Pilots have found that the T-Rex has a bit of a learning curve associated with it, but those who learn to Pilot it well are feared throughout the Earthen cluster.

Many Pilots around today also have felt the terror of The Tortoise up close and personal. These hulking boomerang blade shooters were first released in 2022.

Tortoise has ways to destroy enemies that no other Tank does. Cover does little to protect against a Pilot that’s well practiced with The Blade Spinner.

The Tortoise is a bulky Body that’s slow but steady. Blade Spinner is the signature Weapon from this combo, and it can be charged up to fire whatever distance you want (up to some insane range). On reaching its destination, it will turn around and return to you. Many Pilots can have trouble making precise shots with it early on, but once it’s second nature you will be a force to be reckoned with against any opponent.

Before all that, Snoop’s Bumpin’ Lowrider hit the arena in February of ’22. In addition to making you feel like you were right there with Snoop sippin on gin and juice, this combo rolls over opponents with the unparalleled bass coming from its roof-mounted subwoofer.

While it may not stun all the time, even a moment is long enough for you to assault the enemy with more sick beats.

This Hero Tank combo is made up of Snoop’s Bumpin’ Lowrider and the Beat Blaster Weapon. Again, many Pilots find that the lowrider style of this high-energy Body can be tough to get used to… but it’s very rewarding for those that perfect playing with it. The Beat Blaster Weapon lays down a massive damage cadence, and can momentarily stun opposing Tanks. This totally unique advantage isn’t present in any other Weapon.

A Tradition of Heroism

Hero Tanks may not come around often, but they offer a Pilot unique strategies and the added convenience of getting a complete Tank Combo in one package from the store. Plus, they generally have wickedly cool themes.

A walk down memory lane quickly shows that some of the most powerful Tanks found in the arena are older Heroes, even as new technologies rise up around them.

The JACKED O’ Lantern has been around for awhile, but it hasn’t rotted yet! Blasts that deal burst damage and damage over time while also slowing enemies in an area is something you just can’t get from any other Tank.

Every Hero Tank has some special twist that Pilots can use to their strategic advantage. Whether this be the ice trails from Santa’s Slay or the homing torpedoes from the WhaleShark, Hero Tanks always have some extra functionality that may take awhile to adjust to… but can be extremely useful once you get good with it.

With Santa’s Slay, your speed increase from ice trails stack with speed bonuses from Speed Boosters or Skins and Props! While you’re fast forwarding on the frozen ground, your opponents are slowed down. With the high Energy on this Body, many find this an unstoppable, Reactive Plating-detonating monster!

Many Hero Tanks are exceedingly rare, but still make their impact on the arena every day. Lava Tanks are notoriously one of the most versatile competitors in the arena, and were among the first Tanks ever unveiled– only a handful exist!

Likewise, the feared Alpha Executioner has ordinance found nowhere else in the arena. True, it doesn’t have a slow or a stun like some other Hero Tanks, but it does fire quick missiles that detonate in an area. The firing pattern can be hard to get used to, but if you use the AoE splash at the end to your advantage it is definitely deadly.

The Scorpion may not be as flashy as a Chicken, but it’s acidic blasts can quickly and quietly end most any enemy. Timing can be difficult for Pilots used to traditional linear Weapons, but those who practice will discover that Scorpion’s sting is vicious.

The Tiger Unleashed

This brings us to today… when the Tiger Tank is ready for battle. This new Hero Tank offers absolutely unique ways of dominating the competition, just like its predecessors. The Tiger Body has medium stats for maximum adaptability during the hunt. The Ripper Weapon fires like a straightforward, linear Weapon… but then splits into 3 sub-projectiles to rip apart your opponents.

Listen to that baby purr

Pilots will have to learn the pace of this new Tank to use it to its full potential. Distance from your opponents and timing could be the difference between hitting with one projectile or laying into their whole team with split bullets. A skilled Tiger Pilot may find enemies hiding just behind cover aren’t as safe as they think… Ripper can cut that corner if fired correctly.

Are you ready to figure out how to fight with and against this good kitty?

With the Tiger Tank joining such an illustrious group of Heroes, we’re excited to see how it transforms and pushes the meta of arena combat forward. Like all Hero Tanks before it, we’re sure we’ll see this combo’s unique identity being used in creative ways as Pilots practice how to craft strategies around it.

To all the Heroes in the arena, The Planetary Union salutes you! Bring home some victory… you deserve it.

Don’t forget about the Tiger Tank sale starting at noon PT on Wednesday, July 5th!