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The Haunted Maze | Town Star Halloween

October 15, 2022
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Introducing the newest Town Star item, with spine-tingling passive abilities… If you build it, they will scream.

The leaves have almost fallen, giving the trees a sharp and desolate appearance as throughout town, everyone prepares for the chill of winter. The aroma of pumpkin spice wafts through town square, following a pumpkin harvest that was especially plentiful due to all that additional pumpkin storage going around.

While in town they’re getting ready for winter and making pumpkin pie, the most serious Town Star competitors are gearing up for Halloween and the eagerly anticipated Jack O’Lantern Meta!

Check out this sweet Halloween eye candy while you hone in your pumpkin game for next week’s Jack O’Lantern Meta, freshly leaked from this morning’s live Town Star Discord AMA (Youtube replay coming soon).

At Gala Games, we’re a bunch of big kids at heart, and we love Halloween. You may remember last year’s Galaween festivities, complete with some Town Star themed spooky stories and the Haunted Mansion, the game’s first ever modular in-game item with the power to produce passive oil or pumpkins.

We’re happy to announce that this year we’ve got another spooky modular adornment for your Town Star town. Step into the shadows of the Haunted Maze, if you dare.

First, let’s just get this out of the way: It’s haunted. Please don’t come crying to us when this thing haunts your dreams and you end up a character in some kind of bizarre IRL horror movie.

The Haunted Maze is no less haunted than last year’s Haunted Mansion, and that thing was pretty haunted.

Like with any good haunting, the power of all the curses, ghosts, and tormented poultrygeists continues to grow as their territory expands. That’s why there’s an exclusive Double, Double, Toil and Trouble Bonus for collecting and concurrently playing with all 4 Haunted Maze Zones.

The first Zone you’ll see in the Town Star store is the Epic Zone 1, with its passive Nectar bonus to 3 tiles.

Finding Your Way

The Haunted Maze consists of 4 zones, each more frightening than the last.

Haunted Maze — Zone 1 — Epic

3 Passive Nectar

First, venture bravely but with trepidation into Zone 1, with a little taste of all the frights you can expect as you venture through the twisted maze. Giant carnivorous plants produce passive nectar for your bees to enjoy, but beware! If you should turn your back on one of these monstrosities while standing too close, it will gobble you up head first before you can say “suddenly seymour.”

Haunted Maze — Zone 2 — Rare

2 Passive Clay

Next, if you can keep your terror in check, proceed toward Zone 2, where the living dead are quite helpful in the sense that they displace the clay-filled soil in which their corpses laid. Even the clay is hexed, causing it to expand to neighboring areas, but don’t worry. You can still use it just like normal clay.

Haunted Maze — Zone 3 — Legendary

Salty Proximity (for Salt Field timers — 2 radius)

Now your heart is really pounding as you head into Zone 3, the Legendary zone where the unattended witches’ brew has taken on a mind of its own, casting a bizarre spell on the ground and making it especially salty. Why is it Legendary? The legend says the witches will one day return to claim the potions they have been brewing since long before Halloween. The legend also says they’ll turn all the townsfolk into badgers, so let’s hope that brew stays unattended.

Haunted Maze — Zone 4 —Uncommon

1 Passive Nectar

Note: Above image incorrectly says “Rare.” We know and will change it soon.

You may think you can take no more, but only a single piece of the terrifying puzzle remains: Zone 4. In Zone 4 resides the great hollow tree, likely the creepiest tree you’ll ever see in a light-hearted game like Town Star. They say that within the tree lies the same sinister force that gives life to the carnivorous plants of Zone 1, so this zone also provides some passive nectar that your town’s bees can enjoy.

Double, Double, Toil and Trouble

Own and use all four separate zones of the Haunted Maze to double the eerie passive bonuses for surrounding areas. You don’t even have to place them next to each other. Just the sight of these 4 Zones at once will startle all your cows and sheep* into moving 25% faster.

*In an ironic twist, your chickens are especially brave and will not be scared into moving faster.

This is Town Star Halloween!

It’s all coming soon… Perhaps you should play some Town Star while you await more fun haunted news!.

Special Halloween Fun

Spot all 20 uses of the word “haunted” in this article to unlock the curse!

Want to know more about the curse? So do we! Good luck!