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Spider Tanks Showcase: Bandit

October 21, 2022
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Today speed and agility take center stage as we unmask some of the most reliable strategies with the Bandit Body!

Welcome to another installment of The Spider Tanks Showcase! This week we’ll be looking at a Body that excels in quickness, but unlike other super speedy Bodies — like the Flea that we’ve previously showcased — the Bandit still brings balanced gameplay to the arena.

The Bandit gives up some of its Armor for an extra Speed advantage, but it doesn’t quite go to the extreme of some other Tank Bodies. Bandit still maintains a fairly respectable amount of Energy and Armor to ensure that Speed isn’t the only weapon in its arsenal.

Unlike its smaller cousins, this makes the Bandit not only capable of running down enemy tanks, but means they control the situation more when they actually catch them. A Bandit isn’t heavily Armored, but it can take a shot or two if it means unleashing destruction on multiple opponents. It still has the speed to dictate pace and positioning in most matchups… without feeling like it’s made of glass that drank too much espresso.

Hot Pursuit: Bandit/Lava Launcher

Bandit finds that nice middle ground where it can run down most fleeing Tanks without having to go out of its way to dodge every single hit. Whenever your team can get an enemy Tank separated from the support of their teammates, a Bandit can usually run them down and force them into further disorganization.

While we had the burning balls of the Lava Launcher in mind for this, it can work with any linear weapon that has decent range and gets more threatening as you get closer to the enemy. Cannon, Beat Blaster, Gatling Gun and many others could all potentially be great combos here!

This isn’t the cleanest strategy, and you’re going to take some hits. Remember to use your speed to run around and pick up some Armor after you go toe to toe with someone, or pack a Repair Drone to keep a repair on you when you need it most.

Tactical Assault: Bandit/Rocket Artillery

We’ve talked about controlling from a distance before, but compared to larger Tanks with heavier Armor, a Bandit brings a totally different feel to this playstyle. Laying down fire from a distance can be much more versatile at applying pressure to your foes.

Those enemy Tanks won’t let you just rain down rockets on them forever without coming for you. With a Bandit, you can outrun most everyone who gives you chase but you still have enough Armor to take the random shot. This flexibility allows you to focus on repositioning, rather than having to worry about dodging every single hit or running away from the action when someone comes after you.

This strategy can also be adapted to work with Repair Artillery. You’ll still do a little bit of damage to keep pressure on your opponents, but your efforts will be more dedicated to keeping your allies’ defenses hard. Bandit’s Speed is especially important playing this way, since annoyed Tanks will be chasing you around once they find they can’t destroy your teammates.

Listen Up: Bandit/Beatblaster

Bandit isn’t an impenetrable mass of metal like a Titan or even the Nomad that we focused on last week, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t meat shield up to provide openings for your teammates! Grab your opponent’s attention, then keep it by closing in on them while your squishier allies sneak up behind.

Since Bandit isn’t a super bulky Tank, a lot of opponents will prioritize attacking you to remove a threat from the field. With Bandit’s maneuverability though, quickly getting you out of the way may be easier said than done. The less ridiculous speed of Bandit compared to faster Tanks can actually provide a benefit here, since you’ll have a little easier time controlling your weapons and hitting those quick corners.

We chose the Beat Blaster from Snoop’s Bumpin’ Lowrider for this one, since it pushes the opposing Tank around when you get up close — further making the walls close in on your enemy. This could really be done with anything that keeps you maneuverable though. Keeping a Tank’s attention glued to you is more about positioning than what type of firepower you bring.

Out Like a Bandit

The Bandit may not be the fastest Tank around, but it packs more than enough Speed to be a versatile contender in any matchup. There are tons of cool and effective ways to play a Bandit. Try out different ways and see what works best for you!

Some rarities of Bandits are still available for purchase in the Gala Games Store!

Next week, things are going to get a little spooky around here. We’ll be zooming in on the harrowingly horrifying king of Halloween in the arena– The JACKED O’ Lantern!

Got builds for this fan favorite pumpkin? Let us know on Discord or in the comments below! We love to feature community feedback on strategies in these spotlights, so give us a shout to share your pumpkin wisdom!