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The Gala Games Store — Remodeled

August 19, 2021
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As many of our followers have already noticed, some major updates to the Gala Games store recently went live.

Picture the old man that runs a small town grocery store. His merchandising isn’t the best and his street sign may be falling apart. He doesn’t care much, because everybody knows where to get the groceries. He figures that sales will be the same whether or not he makes cosmetic updates. He may be right.

That’s not us. Gala Games is a data driven company with none of the inconveniences of a physical location and all the customization benefits of a 21st century internet business. There are billions of gamers in the world and we intend to reach them effectively. We have a team hard at work full time on not only sharing our offerings, but doing so in the most visually compelling, convenient and easy-to-understand ways possible. Led by Nina Desai, our Director of UX, this team analyzes data and always makes positive changes as we continue to grow. This store page remodel is the perfect example of a streamlined user experience, responding to months of feedback and taking positive action.

New homepage carousel!

User experience is incredibly important to us, especially as a blockchain gaming company. Many other blockchain projects and games come with a nightmarish user experience that can easily turn anyone without extensive blockchain knowledge away. At Gala Games, we think blockchain aspects should be nicely hidden behind a curtain, allowing for web3 functionality with a comfortable and convenient web2 user experience. In other words, blockchain games will find mass adoption when they are no longer called “blockchain games” but simply “games.”

A Look at the New Store

  • A centralized place to view everything — Rather than having to visit a different “store” for each game, all NFT assets can now be found on a single STORE PAGE.
  • Filter tools — Now you can look for items based on rarity, price, type, or availability.
  • A search option — This allows you to quickly locate any item in the store, searching by name.
  • Recent drops on the homepage — The homepage has also been redesigned, with a new carousel slideshow at the top and some new organization, including links to the most recent NFT drops from all projects.
  • Game info and screenshots — On each product page, you’ll now find information about the item and the game, including screenshot and links. There is also a category below showing the most similar NFT items currently available.

Building to Last

Our team has been handpicked from the most skilled and experienced gaming industry experts in the world. With hundreds of years combined gaming experience, the Gala Games team knows how to create and deliver products built to last, and built to attract millions.

I believe user experience design will ultimately determine how widespread adoption of blockchain technology is. My goal is always to make sure someone with limited knowledge or experience is able to play our games and use our products. But that can’t be at the expense of being transparent with the technical framework blockchain enthusiasts are so passionate about. So it’s always a balancing act- I find that the more we focus on our game art and mechanics, the better we can reach the widest population of players.

  • Nina Desai
    Director of UX

There is a LOT more coming for the Gala Games ecosystem, so make sure to keep in touch, watch the Discord community and get ready for more interesting news! Follow Gala Games on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Join at Gala.Games!