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Speed up your Town with NFT Skins!

August 24, 2021
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Over the last few months we released the first wave of the first epic set of Town Star skins. With a charming Middle Ages feel, these Mirandus-themed skins are the perfect way to remodel your town… but there’s more!

We recently announced that once all 10 skin packs are released (as they are now), exclusive boosts for deploying them would become available in Town Star. We’re happy to say that the time has come! As today’s new weekly Town Star competition begins, all players who deploy Mirandus-themed skins will receive awesome bonuses to both speed and crafting!

Get Skin Packs HERE.


Many gamers have come to think of skins as a less useful product, simply because of their tendency to be aesthetic in nature. Gamers tend to want something that will affect not only the look of their gaming, but the experience as well.

Shake off your preconceived notions of non-utility skins as we shake up the industry by adding multiple layers of value to our inaugural skin set. Rather than purchasing a value-less in-game item, you are purchasing NFT skins that you actually own. Yes, ownership means that you can sell them any time you want on the Opensea marketplace. Rather than skins that do nothing, our skins will give you real in-game bonuses just for owning and deploying them.

Don’t forget that every Mirandus-Themed Skin Pack comes with a 1/10 Dragon Voucher. Collect all 10, and you’ll get a Dragon Familiar in Mirandus to help you in your adventures.

Blockchain-backed ownership and NFTs bring a whole new world of possibilities to in-game assets, and these skins are just one example of some of those possibilities.

Details of the Boost

Players who deploy Mirandus-themed skins will receive bonuses to a) worker movement speed and b) goods production time. The bonus is based on how many different skin packs are represented.

Movement Speed Increase — 2.5% for each pack used
Craft Time Reduction — 1% for each pack used

If you deploy only 1 skin from each of the 10 packs, you will still receive the maximum possible bonus of 25% faster workers and 10% faster crafting.

While we highly recommend that you buy the complete packs, it is not necessary to get the maximum bonus. Each skin can also be found on Opensea for those who wish to buy individually.

We have several exciting releases coming up, including new in-game units and new high-powered NFT drops! Keep your eyes on the Discord announcements, because there’s always great stuff happening throughout the Gala Games ecosystem. We hope you enjoy the addition of in-game utility to the inaugural set of Town Star skins. Good luck in this week’s competition!