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The Cleric Arrives: New Tank Parts Hit the Arena Soon

May 10, 2023
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The Cleric wades into the battle, entirely unafraid of its foes. This all new combo lets you triage destruction better than ever.

The latest Generation 2 Tank Parts are fresh off the transfabrication lines and ready to crawl into the arena! As opposed to previous Generation 2 releases, such as The Warrior and The Shaman, this new combo does more than just focus on destroying the competition.

Today we’re happy to introduce the future of combat medic technologies to the arena. Please welcome… The Cleric! This streamlined combo consists of four separate Tank Parts, all of which are sold separately. The Plate Body, the Repair Gun Weapon, Prismatic Skin and Emergency Light Prop!

With your rapid fire heals, any Tank can become THE Tank.

May Mayhem is still going full force in the arena, and what better way to celebrate than with all new ways to battle?

The Cleric: Sale Details

Just like our last sale, we’ll be releasing the Cleric in two separate waves, each with half the supply available in this sale.

On Wednesday, May 10th, half the available supply for this sale will be available at 12pm PT. The other half will then be added to the Spider Tanks Store at 8pm PT that same day. For any part that isn’t sold out, the new supply will simply be added on top of any remaining Tank Parts.

As with the rest of our inaugural Generation 2 sales, these Tank Parts will enter the store with a discount applied. These sales won’t last forever, however, and may be removed with little or no notice. Get ’em while you can!

Combined with repair over time from Repair Zones or Repair Artillery, the Repair Gun can absolutely perfect a support group…. And almost make it feel like you’ve unlocked the god mode cheat.

The Repair Gun

Do harm

The Repair Gun may seem more like a tool than a weapon at first, but it can be strategically essential for any team.

Whereas other repair methods fix a Tank slowly over time, the Repair Gun inserts a massive burst of repairing all at once on contact. Add in its incredible clip size and fire rate, and you can act as near constant life support for your allies.

Like its cousin the Repair Artillery, the Repair Gun also does a little bit of damage to enemies that are hit. While it is a very small amount of damage, you can fire fast enough that they’ll feel like you’re tossing every hypodermic in your medical kit at them!

The Plate

The secret to Plate’s toughness is solid metal… covered in even more solid metal.

Plate is tough. Seriously tough. Plate is the toughest thing to hit the arena since Titan, and it barely misses that mark.

You won’t be moving super fast in Plate, but you won’t be exploding easily either. It’s the perfect mobile support station– staying in one piece during combat is usually the best strategy.


Bling bling

Prismatic is blindingly brilliant — a force of purity and protection within the arena. Stay alive longer, and keep others alive while you’re at it.

Emergency Light


The Emergency Light signals your teammates that support is coming.

Who knows? Maybe it will also get some more law-abiding opponents to go ahead and pull over while you destroy them.

The Brawl Begins

More new Tank Parts will be rolling off of assembly lines eventually, but The Cleric’s time is now!

The Mayhem continues throughout The Planetary Union. We wish you the best fortune in your battles as you get out there and rack up those wins!

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