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The May Mayhem Meta Awards

May 10, 2023
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Dive into May Mayhem with our Meta Awards and secure your chance to win exclusive NFTs from two upcoming games!

As you may already know, we’ve kicked off our thrilling month-long reward promotion, May Mayhem and the rewards are hot! In case you haven’t yet joined in the excitement, we’re here to announce the Meta Awards — a fantastic opportunity for you to win exclusive NFT items from two of our highly-anticipated upcoming games: Last Expedition and Dawn of Fire.

Here’s everything you need to know about the May Mayhem Meta Awards.

The May Mayhem Meta Awards

Throughout May, we’re offering an array of exciting activities and challenges across all our titles on the Gala Games platform. By qualifying for a May Mayhem reward in every event, you’ll qualify for both of the coveted Meta Awards, exclusively for our most dedicated May Mayhem gamers.

The best part? There are no purchases necessary to achieve the Meta Awards.

How to Get Involved

To make the most of May Mayhem and earn your Meta Awards, simply engage with the various activities taking place across our titles this month until you’ve qualified for a reward. You can find more information about these activities by checking our previous blog posts, following us on social media, and joining the conversation within our bustling Discord community.

Remember, the more activities you participate in, the better your chances of securing the Meta Awards and exclusive NFT items from Last Expedition and Dawn of Fire.

The Meta Award NFTs

The exclusive NFT items up for grabs in May Mayhem hail from our upcoming games, Last Expedition and Dawn of Fire. These unique collectibles will not only be a testament to your gaming prowess, but will also have a significant impact on your gameplay experience within these titles.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to add these exclusive NFTs to your collection!

Dawn of Fire

The Whispering Twins Sword emits an otherworldly wail with each swing of its blades. Its lethal resonance and precise strike make it a weapon coveted by skilled warriors. Look out for more info about Dawn of Fire coming soon!

Last Expedition

When Hunters slay their first Ravager on Aura it is customary to take one of the fearsome Apex Predators’ incisors as proof of the kill. Subscribe HERE for Last Expedition news.

Ready, Set, Mayhem!

Now that you’re informed about the May Mayhem Meta Awards, there’s no more time to lose! Make sure you participate in as many activities as possible throughout May to increase your chances of earning the Meta Awards and securing those exclusive NFTs.

Stay tuned for more updates, and happy gaming!

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