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The Celestial Claim Playtest | Echoes of Empire

December 16, 2022
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Starting 12/15 at 12pm PT, Celestial Claim owners will have a whole week to experience Echoes of Empire

Even among all the awesome playtest opportunities throughout the Gala Games Ecosystem, this is one our community has eagerly anticipated on an astronomical scale.

When is the Playtest?

Thursday, December 15th at noon PT
EOD, Thursday, December 22nd.

Download Here

Who can Play?

This closed alpha playtest is limited only to accounts that hold Celestial Claims for Echoes of Empire. While the various Celestial Claims sold out months ago in the primary sale, fortunate and observant spacefarers might still find them on the official secondary market collection at OpenSea.

Remember, this is Web3, so owner/players are always free to buy and sell assets among themselves. Missing out on a primary sale doesn’t need to mean you have to miss out on this playtest!

How to Participate

The following guide was originally published on the HitFactor blog here.

Welcome to the Echoes of Empire landholder alpha! We are incredibly excited to have you join us for this test, and are looking forward to seeing you in game. This guide provides a brief walkthrough of how to get into the game, and how to begin exploring the universe.

  • The first step will be getting access to the game. You will need to log into your Gala Games account, and look for the “Play” button to acquire the launcher.
  • Launch the game, and you will be taken straight to the welcome screen.
  • In the game, you’ll first see an intro screen welcoming you to the test. Additionally, you’ll see your first quests in the game displayed on the left.

Intro Screen 11919×1079 220 KB

  • Your first task will be to complete the quests displayed. Please note, in order to explore the galaxy map, you will first need to complete the introduction quests to gain your first ship, as well as resources to continue in the game.
  • Proceed to collect your first resources from the collectors on your home base:
  • You will then proceed to build a foundry:
  • Once you have completed the 4 steps on the first quest, collect your rewards. This is crucial, as it gives you the resources to continue.
  • Next, you will be introduced to building ships in the game. Click on the foundry, and then click on the craft tab to begin:
  • Click the blueprint, and then click craft to proceed:
  • When the craft has completed, claim your ship:
  • Now you will need to build your shipyard to give your new ship a home:
  • Complete the shipyard to proceed:
  • Now you will need to create your first fleet. Click the docks tab, and add your ship to one of the fleet slots:
  • Following this step, you will begin the next quest series, instructing you on how to explore the tactical map, and head out into the universe to explore. To begin this quest line, you will need to switch to the tactical map view. This is done by pressing the tactical map button in the upper left hand corner:

Continue to follow the quest steps, and you will have covered the basics of gameplay in Echoes of Empire. From here, the universe is yours to explore as you work to upgrade, advance, gain more ships, and increase your power. We are so excited to have you experience the game for the first time, and will be eagerly awaiting your feedback! We appreciate all of the support, conversation, and feedback the community has provided all along the way. This is only the first of many milestones, and we’re happy to have all of you alongside us on this journey!