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Spider Tanks Showcase: Titan

December 17, 2022
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Make way for the heavies! This week, it’s Titan’s turn in the spotlight.

Welcome back for yet another Spider Tanks Showcase! Today we have a Tank that’s sort of a big deal… In fact, it’s the biggest deal currently available in Spider Tanks. Standing on four enormous legs, this Body towers over many other Tanks in the arena.

That’s right, today we’re featuring Titan. This Tank isn’t going anywhere fast, but very little will actually stop it from eventually getting wherever it is going.

The Titan Body is a huge amount of Bulk. Currently, it’s the highest Armor Body available, though its Speed certainly leaves something to be desired. You won’t move fast in a Titan, but you can take a lot of punishment. A very high Energy stat also ensures that you’ll be able to use plenty of Abilities, which can either round off your weaknesses or amplify your strengths.

The Bully: Titan/Shotgun

The first potential Titan build we’re going to look at isn’t one that will be easy to master, but it can definitely excel in certain matchups. Slap a Shotgun on the top of that Titan to ruin the day of anyone who tries to get close to you. With this combo, you’ll be able to push around the opposition and dictate positioning throughout the battle.

For this specific combo, we like to use a Relay Drone so we can surprise unsuspecting weak stragglers. This helps make up for your lack of maneuverability and can be combined with something to make you even tougher (Repair Zone or Shield Drone maybe?) or with an Ability to make your deadliness a little more versatile (try Vortex Zone or Grenade!). With the high Energy of Titan and its uncanny ability to stay in one piece, you’ll get the chance to use plenty of Abilities, even high cost ones.

This Titan is guarding the Control Point, but it isn’t going to let this enemy Tank draw its teammate into a fair fight! It quickly pops over to take out the opposing Tank, then puts pressure on the enemy so they can’t get to the Control Point in time.

A Shotgun is deadliest at close range, but it can also be really effective at mid-range for dissuading enemy Tanks from wandering too close or catching inattentive faster Tanks on their way by. Unlike a Flamethrower, your Shotgun doesn’t slow you down. Many Flamethrowers use the same Relay Drone tactics, but you won’t be weighed down as you back away while blasting at them.

While this build is great for holding down a Control Point, or jumping into an enemy Healing Zone to scatter the enemy, there’s a strength of the slow Shotgunner that often goes underutilized. Enemy Tanks may have the urge to try and chase you because you’re so slow… this is exactly what you want!

Fire behind you at a pursuer as you go. As they approach you, they’re not only extending the effective range of your Shotgun by running towards it, but are also walking into the more concentrated parts of its firing pattern. Usually, you can take care of enemy Tanks this way before they ever realize that they got over ambitious.

The Heavy Archer: Titan/Crossbow

For those that like to have a little more range than the Shotgun offers, this build is worth a try. Replace that low range shooter with a glorious Crossbow and prepare to rain devastation across the map.

Crossbows can cover extremely long range when charged up, but can also provide a surprisingly fast cadence of damage up close in a pinch. In a Titan, your pure bulk will let you take a lot of punishment and give you the time to line up perfect shots. If your opponents want to try to flank the sniper, they’re facing a pretty deadly game to take your quick shots.

This Titan is minding its own business shooting the lava Tank on the north side of the map. The JACKED O’ Lantern thinks it can help its buddy, but the crossbow adapts quickly.

Whereas a lot of long range support Tanks need to position themselves in the rear, you can really put pressure on your opponents by coming up to the front of contested areas on occasion. Every moment that an opponent is attacking you, they’re not attacking your team. If you can hit a moving target pretty well, then they won’t be easily able to take their eyes off of you.

The Terror: Titan/T-Ray

This next build may be a little unconventional to say the least, but hear us out! The T-Ray is the Weapon that comes with the T-Rex Hero Tank. Its elemental damage burns through any obstruction to deal increasing damage the longer an enemy stays in its path.

At first, this Weapon may be tough for many Pilots to adapt to — it doesn’t deal a big burst of damage at first hit, and it slows down your Tank to a crawl while firing. Since the Titan already crawls, we can cross off one of those disadvantages right away!

T-Ray requires slow and steady gameplay, which is something the Titan already excels at. For most Tanks, 2–3 seconds in your ray will totally wreck them. With the bulk of a Titan, you have the staying power to hang in that long without needing to sprint away.

This Titan catches the enemy Hurricane running away from it in a wide arc. This is the perfect angle to roast it. By the time it’s destroyed, the enemy Titan has nowhere to run from T-Ray’s death beam!

The key to using the T-Ray with a Titan is to serve as rear support when you can. Your beam goes an incredibly long distance and goes through pretty much anything. Let your team run them around. All you have to do is highlight them and keep them in the beam to delete.

Clash of the Titan

A Titan may not be the fastest ride in the arena, but it’s the best at what it does. Just as with any Tank Body, there are tons of ways to dominate the Arena in a Titan. Remember, the best way to play is always the way that you enjoy most!

Some rarities of Titan are currently still available for purchase in the Gala Games Store!

That’s all for us this week, but we’ll of course return next week featuring the terror of land and sea alike… The WhaleShark Tank!

Got strategies for the Whaleshark that the people must know? Tell us about them in Discord or in the comments below. You could also always tweet a clip to @Spider_Tanks with the hashtag #STShowcase to get featured in next week’s showcase!