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Teams Are Back

May 19, 2022
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We are bringing the party back to Spider Tanks competition during week 3 of May Mayhem. Players will be competing for $50,000 in GALA daily but this time with their friends. If you choose to go solo that is totally acceptable as well and a great chance to meet new players. The mission this week is to get the highest cumulative team points in a single match. Each player must play a minimum of 20 matches to qualify which should take most players about 2 hours to complete.

If you like fast action this is going to be your week. With all tank levels enabled, we will see many of the most rare NFT weapons and bodies on full display. You do not need to own any NFT tank parts to compete. NFT owners will be able to upgrade their weapons and bodies this week to test out the upgrade process.


Gala Gold is an integral part of the Gala Games ecosystem and this week it is a critical component to rewards. Every player who wants to qualify for rewards must have a Gala Gold membership. Gala Gold gives players benefits like sneak peeks at new games, specialty NFTs, and much more. Anyone can play the game but if you want to qualify for May Mayhem rewards you will need to be Gala Gold.

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What You Can Win

Each day $50,000 in $GALA is up for grabs. The rarity of the NFT you compete with determines the size of the reward.

Platinum: Ancient & Legendary — $12k, 12 people, $1k per person

Gold: Epic & Rare — $18k, 36 people, $500 per person

Silver: Uncommon & Common — $15k, 144 people, $100 per person

Bronze: Free Tanks — $5k, 100 people, $50 per person

Anyone can qualify for any tier every day, but will only be rewarded for the highest qualified tier. Winners will be picked daily and rewards will be distributed after week 3 ends. The competition resets daily at 9:00am PDT until the end of Week 3 challenges on May 23, 2022 at 9am PDT.

Spider Tanks website

GAMEDIA website

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