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Legends Reborn — Decks Ahoy!

May 21, 2022
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Build your perfect Legends Reborn Deck and get it into the next playtest!

Legends Reborn is a collectible card game where you test your cards against other players across Tolkhiem for riches and glory. One thing CCGs offer that keeps us min-maxers and statistic-fiends coming back every time is building your perfect deck, and Legends Reborn boasts a lot of strategy in that regard.

Finding which cards synergize together to create powerful combos can be a tricky thing sometimes. Experimentation with cards and abilities can be a long, grueling process… Other times the developers of the game may give you an awesome spreadsheet where you can test out decks on your own to see how they look.

Oh hey, I have one of those right here!

The Deck Bible

Just make a copy of that handbook to have your own personal card compendium that you can experiment with, take notes in, or even doodle in the margins of.

Feel free to check that out while you pop back and forth between this article and the spreadsheet.

You are going to pop back and forth, right? Right?

Why Are Decks Such a Big Deal?

You mean aside from deck building being a crucial part of gameplay? Well, I’m talking about them today because the Legends Reborn team wants you all to try making your own decks. Specifically, they want you to request decks for future playtests and demos!

Up until now, the decks available for the demo have been limited to what they made themselves. And that’s alright, they know what they are doing with their own game of course. But you know what works great? Having hundreds and thousands of you pooling those beautiful brains together to come up with new, unique, and interesting builds.

Anyone who submits a deck on or before May 25th may get to see their deck in action during Galaverse in June! If you’d like to take a little more time with your strategizing– that’s fine too. Get a deck to the fine folks at Kung Fu Factory by June 3rd and you may get to play your deck in the next playtest build after Galaverse.

The Basics of Legends Reborn Decks

I won’t be going into suggestions or anything like that… far better to have you guys work out all the details. That’s why games have gamers. There are a few basics to keep in mind though. Here is what you need to know to get started.

Every Deck needs one Hero and five Creatures.

Using the drop-down menus in the Google Sheet you can select these to see how everything works together in the list on the right side.

All five Creatures and 25 Action Cards can be adjusted as you see fit. No abilities are tied to creatures and no creatures are tied to any hero. Total customization is available.

Build your dream deck to test your plans before launch

Heroes come with five Hero Cards tied directly to them, these make up the “character” and focus of that particular hero. The Cleric, as you can see, focuses on defensive abilities with a side order of attack. Great for cleansing all those heretics and evil doers from your lands.

The Heroes

Each Hero currently available can be used for a myriad of different strategies

There are five Heroes to choose from, each with their own card abilities. It will be interesting to see how they all play out, which one will you choose to focus on? Or will you focus at all? Do you try to balance your weaknesses, or fully subscribe to one strength?

The combinations are nearly inexhaustible. So get in there and start fiddling with those decks.

Creatures and Abilities

Similar to the Hero Cards, the Creature Cards have some options to sort out as well. Each Creature has an innate passive ability that can drastically alter how you play your deck. Creatures can have 5 Action Cards to slot in, so building to complement that ability is essential to crafting a winning deck.

The list of Action Cards is quite long. Without doing math, you could probably guess there are a little less than a gajillion different combinations out there to discover and choose from. Are you drooling yet CCG fans?

These Creature Cards are going to be something you will want to know about soon. We won’t get into why just yet, but soon there may be more about these cards in particular. If anyone asks, you didn’t hear it from me.

Action Cards

Future articles will detail a lot more about each of the Action Cards. In the Google Sheets link above there is a tab on the bottom that gives you a list of what each Action’s effects are. The only thing we suggest is reading up on it. Again, there are way too many to list here in any meaningful way.

So while you wait for more information on the Action Cards, go and check them out. And toy around with what sort of deck YOU want to try out.

Where Do I Submit My Deck?

There’s a couple of steps here but none are too hard:

First, take a screenshot of the deck you created. Second, make sure you join the Gala Games Discord and scroll down to the Legends Reborn channels. Third, post the screenshot and/or DM the devs.

Entries on or before May 25th will be considered for the Galaverse demo. Anything received after May 25th but before June 3rd will be considered for the Mid-June Playtest.

Don’t want to submit a deck? Don’t! This, however, is a chance to try out the exact type of deck you want before full release and it will help you become a Legend in your own right. Remember, with CCG usually you have to collect the cards you play with, so this is a chance to test your dream team before building your own roster.

Go get those screenshots in and see if your deck can stand up to your enemies. We’ll see you at the game table in Tolkiem!

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