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Teaming up with Huobi in a Strategic Partnership

April 1, 2023
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We’re cooperating with the leading exchange toward mass adoption, enhanced cybersecurity and more.

Along with Huobi, Gala Games is pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with the global exchange. This partnership will focus on ecosystem construction, co-investment and community building.

Article from Huobi Global — LINK

Thanks, Huobi! Great news indeed!

These are exciting times, right on the heels of GDC 2023, where we made an incredible splash as the emerging leaders of Web3 gaming.

It’s not only the continued success that gets us all psyched (we knew that was coming). This latest partnership with Huobi will allow us to reach out a strong arm to uplift and empower in-development projects in the web3 gaming space.

More details about the first creation of this strategic partnership are coming next week along with some empowering announcements

Joint Support of High Quality Projects

Through this strategic partnership with Huobi, Gala Games will find projects in development that deserve support.

Co-branded Curation

The always-growing ecosystems of both Gala Games and Huobi create the perfect environment for continued support of deserving projects. This ongoing curation and support from industry leaders will greatly enhance the likelihood of each project’s success and adoption.

Layer 1 Integration

While many details of our layer 1 blockchain have not yet been revealed (including its final name), we plan to make things like on-ramps, off-ramps, and bridges simpler to navigate than ever. We look forward to working with Huobi to explore ways of integrating our layer-1 blockchain with their platform that make everyone’s Web3 experience easier.

As Gala Games continues to make our way as global leaders in web3 gaming, we are always thankful to our founding community. We couldn’t have done it without your continued support.

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