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Legends Reborn Playtest Live on Steam

April 7, 2023
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Players can now shuffle up and take to the tables on Gala Games or Steam platforms!

“Are you saying they found an entirely new world out there?”

“Well, technically it is a part of Tolkheim. In the depths of the Mountains of Steam.” The herald began unfurling a long scroll as he rapidly shuffled over to the fat noble, who was currently splitting his attention between a juicy turkey leg and a goblet of wine.

“You see, according to N.O.T.E.C. reports, they seem like a splinter culture from our own… separated by walls of some ancient discipline of magic called platformancy that is now fading from the world.” The herald grinned enthusiastically as he pressed his documents into the noble’s face. “They are a sporting people for recreational purposes mostly, but with one major difference… they’ve never heard of Chance.

The noble dropped his goblet. “No Chance… but what do they use to solve disputes? To determine station? To dispense justice?” The noble stood from the table, still shaking his head in disbelief.

“Well my lord, I’m told in the absence of Chance they often resort to autocracy, bureaucracy… or even violence.”

“Barbarians!” the noble said with a deep gasp. He sunk back into his chair, dropping the turkey leg back on his place, forgotten. “How can we leave a people who were once just like us in the dark ages. We must help them!”

“An excellent idea my lord!” The herald immediately drew forth new documents, as if he expected this reaction all along. “We can begin sending out cultural delegations immediately.”

“Yes Jeeves, make it fast.” The noble rose from his seat and walked across the room to the great window overlooking Anchor Marsh. “Spare no expense. Tell every tokensmith in the land to ready their forges… We’re going to show this land of Steam a better life with Chance.”

Legends Reborn Is Live on Steam!

The game that defines a world is now live on Steam. The magic of Legends Reborn is now open to more than 60 million people who use the platform!

While this is a major step in our plan towards launch, this is still just a playtest as we finalize a fully launch ready game. We do think, however, that the mechanics in Legends Reborn are engaging and unique enough that a wider group of players can easily enjoy interacting with and getting to know what features are currently available in the game.

Allowing more players into these playtests through a platform like Steam also means that we can gather more critical feedback as we head towards launch.

Play Where and How You Want

Players who love playing on Gala Games can still play here. In fact, cross play will be available with players on either platform. This means more matches available for everyone.

Player-owned items can only be used through your Gala Games account and not on the Steam Platform. Otherwise, anyone is able to head on over to Steam right now and start playing some Legends Reborn there for free!

How to Play on Steam

Once you navigate to the Legends Reborn Steam page, locate the “Request Access” button.

After requesting access, you’ll get a notification alerting you that access has been granted. From this point on, you’ll see that button be replaced with a “Play Now” button.

After that, all you have to do is hop in and get to making decks!

More Legends

More players means more matches, better player interaction and overall more robust feedback throughout playtesting. Spreading the word about Legends Reborn to the wider world of gaming means a better game for everyone.

Are you ready to see how you fare at the tables? Head to Gala Games or Steam today to start playing!