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T-Rex and New Skin Sale

December 16, 2022
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Raaawr! This holiday, eat the competition with a T-Rex!

You’ve seen it stalking the arena from time to time, and the day to get your hands on the dreaded T-Rex has finally arrived! Like other Hero Tanks, this combo comes as a package deal with both a Weapon and Body that can be used separately, but synergize into a powerful build together!

In addition to this fearsome beast, two new Skins have also hit the store today! Freezo and Avalanche have arrived!

Since these Tanks and Skins are already chomping at the bit to get into the arena, we want to get Pilots a chance to saddle up and ride the T-Rex without waiting on Generation 2. This Hero Tank will be among the final Generation 1 Tank Parts available from the Gala Games Store. While an end to this sale isn’t being announced at this time, these Tanks will be extinct in their current form in the Gala Games Store along with the rest of Generation 1 in the near future.

T-Rex: A Tyrant From Our Ancient Past

Historical context for stories of the great T-Rex are scattered at best. Thanks in large part, however, to the surviving pieces of the ancient documentary, Jurassic Park, historians have pieced together the most basic facts on this legendary terror of old Earth.

This great beast was a globally feared predator long before the rise of the dreaded chicken. In the most ancient Earth history, stories are told of this great beast riding into ancient Earth’s atmosphere on the back of an extinction level meteor that narrowly missed the planet. Rex jumped off and made the Earth its home, where some historians say it made a friend named Chuck Norris, who rode the beast for many years. Together they explored the Earth and learned much of its culture and customs.

The great beast mostly favored birds for its meals, and thus its official name T-Rex was often colloquially referred to as Tyrannosaurus… archaic word play on “tyrant of those that soar”.

Today, he’s been reconstructed– more terrifying than ever– for your destructive pleasures in the arena. Literal tons of molten metal have recreated this beast down to the last detail– even its trademark burning laser breath that so haunted the dreams of ancient avians.

The beast in all its glory, unextincted by the power of science!

T-Rex is composed of the Rex Body and the T-Ray Weapon. While the gargantuan beast is terrifying to behold, its bipedal anatomy makes it surprisingly lithe. The Rex Body moves nearly as fast as the Chicken that would one day take its place as the top of the food chain. It doesn’t have a lot of Armor… but if it uses its T-Ray right, it won’t need it.

The T-Ray breathes a sustained blast of powerful sci-fi stuff in the direction of your enemy. It takes a bit to wind up, but once you’re firing you can keep the ray going for quite awhile. The T-Ray penetrates nearly any barrier to torch enemy Tanks behind protection with high intensity radiation.

Avalanche Skin

Avalanche T-Rex INSISTS that everybody chill.

Avalanche is a Rare Skin with a chill style and enough protection to weather even the coldest winter. It’ll boost your Health and Elemental Resistance, while also upping your Speed and Elemental Damage

Freezo Skin

Ice cold killer right here.

Freezo is an Epic Skin a lot like Avalanche, but with the temperature turned down to absolute zero. Freezo sacrifices Avalanche’s Health boost to double the Speed boost– that will definitely help keep your blood warm in the cold! Freezo also adds in both Physical Resistance and Physical Damage boosts to make your Tank an all around threat in the arena.

Sale Details

The sale is already underway, starting at 3pm PT today! There will be no tiers for this sale, and each item will stay at the same price until its supply is exhausted or at such time as they are removed from the store.

T-Rex will be sold in all six available rarities at the following prices:

  • Common — $50
  • Uncommon — $300
  • Rare — $1250
  • Epic — $2400
  • Legendary — $6000
  • Ancient — $20,000

The total supply available for each is:

  • Common — 1000
  • Uncommon — 200
  • Rare — 100
  • Epic — 50
  • Legendary — 20
  • Ancient — 10


A total of 300 Avalanche Skins will be available for $200 each.


A total of 100 Freezo Skins will be available for $500 each.

Credit Card, GALA, ETH or BAT are accepted as payment for all items in this sale.

Devour Your Opponents!

The T-Rex is already available in the Shooting Range if you want to get in and give it a spin. Make sure to watch out for that T-Ray though, if you’re not careful you’ll shoot your eye out!

Hopefully these new Tank Parts give you an edge in all your battles. See you in the arena Pilots!

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