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Sunset Over TOWN and a New Beginning for Town Star

March 14, 2023
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We’re saying goodbye to TownCoin (TOWN), which can now be burned for GALA at a rate of 1.25 TOWN = 1 GALA.

The new Town Star economy is right around the corner, with a grand relaunch of Gala Games’ flagship game coming soon. Under the leadership of Farmville visionary game creator Mark Skaggs, the Town Star team has an exciting roadmap in store, along with a brand new economic model that will breathe new life into the beloved game while paving the way for new players to enjoy adventures around Town.

We’re saying goodbye forever to TownCoin (TOWN) in preparation for Town Star’s big launch. With the many brilliant changes coming to the game, we decided to remove the game-specific token in favor of a better reward model.

You can check out the latest version of the Town Star Lite Paper for more details!


All holders of TOWN will have a significant time window during which they may swap their tokens with Gala Games at a fixed rate of 1.25 TOWN = 1 GALA.

The opportunity to burn has already begun, and TOWN holders will have at least 180 days to make the swap.

After the conclusion of the burn window, there will be no future utility for TOWN and it will be removed from all exchanges.

A Gala Games account will be required to swap. If you do not have an account, you can create one at, or check out this support article for more information!

NOTE: Any TOWN in your Treasure Chest will first need to be minted before it can be swapped for GALA.

Gas Token

Now that Gala Games is able to publish games on its own blockchain (currently called Project GYRI), GALA is the “gas token” of transactions on that blockchain (like ETH on Ethereum). One of the core ways that Node operators will be rewarded in our ecosystem is with a distributed portion of the collected GALA gas fees.

Town Star Nodes

The burn-to-mint model described above will be employed across our entire Node Ecosystem, so Town Star Nodes will operate in a similar manner. When players make in-game Town Star purchases with GALA, Town Star active Node operators will receive a portion of the GALA spent on gas. This is only one of the benefits to operating a Town Star Node.

Look for more information coming up on Town Star Nodes and how they’ll function going forward.

A Bigger, Better Town Star

We understand that this is a big change, but we hope you’ll agree that it’s an exciting one. Mark Skaggs and the Town Star team are creating something extraordinary, and these folks know how to make games that bring in millions of players.

Within the next few weeks, Town Star players will have a chance to playtest tons of new game features. As 2023 moves forward, we’ll be getting ready to hit the ground running with incredible new features, like…

  • A new economic model
  • A new decoration system for cosmetic customization of your Town
  • New social system, such as viewing others’ towns
  • Upgradeable NFTs
  • Enhanced Competitions
  • and more!

Expect to hear more news and details as these exciting new developments approach!

All information in this article is subject to change at any time.

For the latest information as soon as it becomes available, join the Gala Games Discord community and watch #global_announcements