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Play Eternal Paradox Now

March 15, 2023
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The mobile 4X RPG created by NDream is now open in a 2-week exclusive playtest. Don’t miss it!

The development team at NDream studios is thrilled to share the first open playtest of Eternal Paradox.

The 14-day playtest started today, March 14th at 5pm PT. This playtest is sure to give the entire Gala Games community something exciting to chatter about, as if they didn’t have enough excitement already.

How to Participate

  1. First, be sure to subscribe to the Eternal Paradox newsletter HERE so you get future updates.
  2. Login to the Gala Games platform.
  3. For Android users, download the APK on the Gala Games Platform and play on your favorite Android device or PC Android emulator.
    For iPhone and iPad users, the iOS build is downloadable/installable from the same page. Please make sure to install “TestFlight” app prior to the build download.
  4. Join the discussion in Discord — We can’t wait to hear your feedback!
  5. Share your playtest experience on socials and tag Gala Games!

What’s Included?

  • Intro to Battles
  • Intro to Buildings, including level system
  • Intro to Castle Facilities
  • Field Play and Scout
  • Exploring the Sites
  • Chapter Missions
  • Challenge Mode
  • Guilds
  • Ranking

What’s Not Yet Included?

  • Integration of Player Gala Games Account
  • NFT Land Mapping
  • Mercenary Mastery Skills
  • Season Battles
  • Arena System
  • Web3 Economy, including ownership and rewards

Additional Notes

Playtesters must create an account and password within the playtest by entering any ID and password they want, but this will be lost once the playtest is concluded.

Links are available for both Android and iOS files. Anyone wishing to play on PC will need to use the mobile emulator of their choice.

Competition of Courage

In celebration of this inaugural playtest, we are also kicking off a special ranking competition event. The top players throughout this 2-week playtest will have a chance to win some sweet in-game prizes.

The Details

Players who achieve top ranks in each category will be rewarded with Gems (in-game currency) corresponding to the USD values. Over $5000 worth of Gems will be rewarded to worthy playtesters!

Gem rewards are non-transferable.

To ensure your eligibility for competition rewards, you must enter your Gala Games account information in the Settings menu of the game.

Combat Power

1st Place — $500 in Gems
2nd Place — $400 in Gems
3rd Place — $300 in Gems
4–6th Place — $200 in Gems
7–10th Place — $100 in Gems

Challenge Mode

1st Place — $500 in Gems
2nd Place — $400 in Gems
3rd Place — $300 in Gems

Destroy the Shakraam Legions

1st Place — $500 in Gems
2nd Place — $400 in Gems
3rd Place — $300 in Gems

Outlaw Hunting

1st Place — $500 in Gems
2nd Place — $400 in Gems
3rd Place — $300 in Gems

Prizes will be distributed at a later date, following the 2-week playtest. To be eligible, all players must link their Gala Games accounts in the Eternal Paradox Settings menu.

Have fun, and good luck digging into Eternal Paradox!

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