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Spider Tanks: The Next Generation of Destruction

November 25, 2022
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With launch behind us, we’re looking forward to the future in Spider Tanks! Today, we’ll talk about the next evolution of Tank Parts that will roll into the arena!

The Spider Tanks launch was a major milestone for both the community and team, but it’s far from the finish line. The game will continue to grow and evolve — offering fresh content, more explosive action and new exciting ways to play.

The battles we see in the arena today are fought with many veteran Tank Parts released during beta testing. In the future, however, these Generation 1 Tank Parts will no longer be available from the Spider Tanks store, and Generation 2 will soon begin.

The Garage of the Future

Many of the Tank Parts that you know and love may be available in Generation 2, but these Tanks will function a little differently than their current Generation 1 counterparts. Every Tank Part still plays a vital role in your strategy in the arena, but the premier Generation 1 Tanks offer some early access advantages that future Tank Parts won’t.

These items may still be available for secondary sales in the official OpenSea Spider Tanks collection, but Generation 1 Parts will no longer be sold in the Gala Games store.

If you own Generation 1 Tank Parts, nothing will happen to the items in your wallet. These Tanks will soon be prized relics of a bygone age in the arena, and collectors and competitors alike will be glad to have these in their Garage.

With our Tanksgiving sale still going on a little while longer, it’s a perfect chance for Pilots to get their hands on another Generation 1 Tank from the Spider Tanks store before it’s too late! Soon we’ll release more information about Generation 2 items coming to the store.

The Generation Gap

Generation 1 Tanks are the height of engineering ingenuity in the arena, and can potentially offer their Pilots a serious advantage. While Generation 2 Tanks will be able to rise to the power of Generation 1 Tanks, it may be a longer road for some to get there.

Generation 2 Tanks will all start at level 0, regardless of rarity. This means that higher rarity Tanks will no longer come fully equipped with perfect upgrades to a certain level based on the rarity of the specific Part. Generation 1 Tanks potentially have a serious head start on climbing the ranks.

Generation 2 Tank Parts will also have different Victory Point potential from each win than their early counterparts. We’ll release more information on these in the future, but overall the Victory Points these new Tank Parts earn each day will be lower than Generation 1 Tank Parts. Upgrade costs for these new Tank Parts will be adjusted accordingly.

Higher rarity Tanks can still achieve higher VPs per win than their more common counterparts with Generation 2. VP per win is still highly dependent on upgrade level, however, so Pilots who hit the arena in these Generation 2 Tanks may need to put more work into refining their machine to realize their full potential.

Onward to the Next Battle

Spider Tanks is just getting started, and there are tons of challenges waiting in the arena in the months and years ahead. We can hardly wait to share more with you about what we have planned for Generation 2 Tank Parts and the future of Spider Tanks, but suffice it to say that launch was the beginning rather than the end of great things coming to the arena!

There’s still a little time left in our Tanksgiving sale to grab some great Generation 1 Tanks. Don’t forget to check out the Spider Tanks store to see what great deals are going on right now!

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