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Champions Arena: The Arena Is Open

November 30, 2022
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Join the first community playtest of the new turn-based RPG being developed by Uniflow!

The arena is calling. Are you one of the brave Champions that will answer its call?

We’re thrilled to announce the first playtest for Champions Arena is now live! Players can get in right now and have their first experience within the arena on PC or Android devices!

The First Battles

While this early playtest will have some limitations, we’re excited for the community to get in and experience Champions Arena’s style and core gameplay.

In Champions Arena you’ll play choose from a wide variety of Champions, each adaptable and customizable in multiple ways. Your team of Champions will utilize powerful skills and spells in turn based combat to defeat enemies and win glory.

Each Champion is distinctive, as is each player’s style as they build their team. You’ll combine skills to create more powerful and unique versions, gather powerful relics and equipment, and train your Champions until they are the ultimate power in the arena.

Mobile Ready

This playtest is available right now on both PC and Android devices. The developers of Champions Arena are committed to making a great game that both desktop and mobile gamers can enjoy.

To download the mobile version, go to the Champions Arena game page and click “Download APK”. This will start the installation of the app on your Android device.

Unfortunately, progress will not be shared between mobile and desktop for this playtest. While we hope to have this functionality in future experiences with the game, at the moment your progress will not carry over between the Android version of the game and PC.

The Fight Begins

We hope everyone in the community enjoys this first chance to play Champions Arena. There’s a lot more coming in the future. If you have feedback or questions about gameplay, please let us know on Discord so that we can improve the experience before release!

Now get out there and choose your Champion and play today! The arena awaits!