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Spider Tanks Showcase: Alpha Executioner

November 30, 2022
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This week we’re featuring the Hero Tank at the top of the food chain in the arena.

Greetings Pilots and destruction enthusiasts, and welcome back to the Spider Tanks Showcase! Today’s Hero Tank packs a serious punch but also has enough speed to not hang around for any consequences.

This showcase features a Tank that strikes as much fear into Pilots today as it did in the hearts of primitive humans of old Earth… Alpha Executioner! This fearsome avian monstrosity was the ultimate apex predator of our ancient past, and today humanity’s oldest nightmares have followed them into the arena.

Just like the great beasts of old, Alpha Executioner is vicious, relentless and driven by an insatiable hunger for destruction. This Tank was built for chaos and devastation… and it executes its purpose perfectly.

The Chicken is fast. It can still be outsprinted by tiny Bodies like Blink and Flea, but also packs a bit more Armor than those little guys. It can take a hit or two, but don’t expect to live long without some bobbing and weaving!

The Apex Predator: Chicken/Eggxecutioner

The Alpha Executioner Hero Tank is made up of two distinct Tank Parts: The Chicken Body and the Eggxecutioner Weapon. Like any Hero Tank, these two Parts can be used independently of each other, but create a synergistic combo together.

The Eggxecutioner fires fast moving rockets that barrel across the arena. They reach their target quickly after traveling a rather respectable range, and will explode upon reaching their full range or impacting an object or enemy Tank. This explosion itself deals splash damage, so well placed rockets can be tough for the other team to avoid and could be crippling when their team groups together

The range on the Executioner is above average, but the real advantage is that Tanks outside that range can still be hit by the explosion. The chicken in this clip uses the terminal range to its advantage on the approach, but then can also shoot against walls behind enemy Tanks. This makes the margin of error on a killing blow very generous.

Since Eggxecutioner’s ordinance deals damage in a large area, your opponents will have to put extra work into dodging your blasts. The Chicken Body’s raw speed further complicates this, and most prey simply won’t escape.

The Unrelenting Killer

The Alpha Executioner’s speed and firepower can easily keep an entire enemy team on the defensive. The Eggxecutioner holds three rockets and reloads quickly and continuously. This means that you can constantly lay down explosions against an enemy that’s getting tired from your fancy footwork.

While the Titan in this clip is getting wrecked trying to take over the enemy payload, you can see an Alpha Executioner firing constant explosions from the north side of the arena. Since the rockets explode at the end of their range, they deal huge damage to all the enemies escorting the payload.

In most game modes, choke points and bottlenecks will develop throughout the match. Whether this be the Control Point, a bridge between two squads in Team Deathmatch or the payload in Poultry Pusher, Chicken is able to use the Eggxecutioner to maneuver perfectly into position and deliver consistent explosions right into the heart of the enemy team.

In game modes like Team Deathmatch and Kill Confirmed, the range at which Executioner can deal damage is a huge asset for a team. While the Tortoise has very long range, it just can’t maneuver fast enough to square off against the Chicken at distance.

For most Pilots, facing an Alpha Executioner will be a huge impediment to them playing out their normal strategies. Not only do the quick and successive explosions make it tough to coordinate as a team, but it’s incredibly unnerving when the predator pursuing you moves faster than you could ever hope to.

Here you can see a Chicken using its speed to its advantage. It’s able to keep pressure on the nearly destroyed enemies with nearly constant missiles, but thanks to its agility it’s able to dodge almost all incoming hits behind the larger Tank nearby.

Just as when this great beast stalked the plains and woodlands of the ancient Earth to prey on the very beginnings of humanity, fear itself can be a potent weapon. This hunter’s speed and firepower often cause the enemy to scramble and despair… which is right where Chicken wants them.

Mix Up Your Hunts

Both Chicken and Eggxecutioner are unique and useful Tank Parts on their own. There isn’t another Weapon quite like Executioner with its unique firing pattern, damage cadence and overall coverage. Chicken also offers a great alternative light Body that may be a little slower than the real glass cannons, but doesn’t compromise on Speed as much as medium Bodies.

Chicken doesn’t have as much Energy as a lot of the other fast Bodies, so you’ll want to rely on low cost Abilities wherever possible. Speed Booster can be a great choice, as a Chicken with this additional sprinting power can easily outrace a Blink or Flea. Since you’ll have more Armor than the other speedsters, an Ability like Repair Drone could also be a lot more helpful because you’re less likely to waste extra repair amounts.

Eggxecutioner itself offers a lot of really unique play styles to any size Body. While the fast play with Chicken pushes the pace of the game and makes opponents try to keep up with you, Eggxecutioner slapped onto a heavy Body could be leveraged for an opposite (but equally awesome!) effect.

Rocket power on a heavy, tough Tank could let you absolutely dominate any central objective on the map. For Poultry Pusher, King of the Hill, or Capture the Flag this could be a huge advantage– you’ll essentially be an immovable object holding an unstoppable force!

Things could get hairy with these builds though once things aren’t going your way. Without Chicken’s speed, you won’t be able to put pressure on enemies through pursuit the same way and will likely struggle to adapt to a changing battlefield.

The Hunt Is On

Fear the great Chicken… unless you’re driving it! The Chicken was the terror of our primordial past, come once again to have its fill in the arena. As either predator or prey, the best way to survive an encounter with the Alpha Executioner is to understand all the methodology behind how this magnificent mechanical creature hunts.

Unfortunately no Alpha Executioners are currently available in the Spider Tanks Store, but they can still be found on the official Spider Tanks OpenSea collection!

Next week we’ll be back with another Spider Tanks Showcase to feature a radically different Hero Tank. We’re going straight from this week’s avian nightmares to nightlife, smoke and pure bass with Snoop’s Bumpin’ Lowrider!

If you have any favorite strategies with this the Doggfather’s signature ride, let us know on Discord or in the comments below!

A big thank you to our friend Observer | Rome who helped us get footage for this article! If you’d like to be featured in future Spider Tanks Showcases, tweet us a clip with the hashtag #STShowcase!