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Santa Claus is Coming To Town Star

December 3, 2022
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Santa’s sleigh is packed with new buildings, new NFTs, and new ways to get rewards!

We hope you all have had a ton of fun collecting those Enchanted Ornaments and decorating for the most wonderful time of the year. Remember, that massive seasonal gameplay boost for collecting the whole set of 12 Enchanted Ornaments will last until the end of January, so you can still get in on plenty of holiday Town Star cheer!

Learn how you can get a FREE NORTH POLE CREATION LAB below…

Epic and Rare Packs are sold out, but if you hurry you can still get your mittens on an Uncommon Pack in the Town Star store.

Now that we’ve sufficiently decked the halls, let’s take a look at what the rest of December has in store for the Town Star world.

Streamlining Christmas

Here’s the deal. With so many new players, such unpredictable weather, and the increasingly high standards of Christmas lists from the good girls and boys of the Web3 world, Santa is ready to make some changes. As a player of Town Star, this will benefit you, because Santa Claus is (quite literally) coming to town.

Let’s be honest. The North Pole wasn’t the most efficient choice for his operation, and Santa completely understands how much Town Star fans care about efficiency.

Santa Claus is ready to set up a Factory in your town.

Learn how you can get a FREE NORTH POLE CREATION LAB below…

3 Buildings and a Gift

Each of the four buildings listed below will be available in-game for all players to use and explore, but special NFT versions of each building will be sold or distributed in limited quantities. Each building has a specific rarity, with the Legendary Santa’s Factory at the rarity apex of the set.

Epic Master Wizard

Santa Claus couldn’t possibly join the Town Star fun without bringing along some serious magic, so we’re taking the opportunity to introduce a new type of creation: Mystical Crafts!

The Master Wizard uses his astounding knowledge of the mystical arts to produce advanced creations, often using the help of his Wizards Workshop! This Epic Master Wizard works for reduced wages and moves more quickly than his standard in-game counterpart. Plus, he likes to keep his tower warm so you won’t get any chills in the Epic Master Wizard’s proximity.

Rare Wizards Workshop

The Wizards Workshop is a place of wonder, where you might feel a bit of a chill from Professor Skid, The Enchanted Snowman who acts as the Master Wizard’s leading apprentice. When you own the Rare Wizards Workshop NFT, Professor Skid will work more quickly and for reduced wages.

Like any good snowman, Professor Skid keeps the place nice and cold.

HINT: Temperature will play an important role in new types of crafting.

Legendary Santa’s Factory

Santa’s Factory is where the Christmas magic will really happen, as wonderful presents are cranked out continuously by the tireless elves. There’s no limit to how hard Santa’s Elves will work, and they don’t even mind the cold!

When you own the Legendary NFT version of Santa’s Factory, you’ll get the help of the Legendary Elf Foreman, who takes fewer wages and works faster than his standard in-game counterpart.

Rare North Pole Creation Lab

The North Pole Creation Lab was designed to bring a little of Santa’s magic home into your Town Star gameplay. It seeks to provide new creations and innovations for the whole world of Town Star, by adding bits of North Pole magic into some goods and crafts you’d least expect.

When you own the Rare North Pole Creation Lab, you’ll get a Santa who works for a little less and brings an extra feeling of cold with him.

A Free NFT

To qualify for a FREE NORTH POLE CREATION LAB, you must purchase each of the other three items in the set: The Epic Master Wizard, the Rare Wizards Workshop, and the Legendary Santa’s Factory.

The Rare North Pole Creation Lab is important in ways that we cannot tell about just yet. Trust us, it will be more fun this way.

Epic Master Wizard drops on Monday, December 5th at 12pm PT.

Each of the following Mondays, another item will drop in the Town Star store. Then on Monday, December 26th, all accounts that purchased an item from each sale will receive the Rare North Pole Creation Lab.*

*The Rare North Pole Creation Lab will not be sold individually in the store, and its supply will be limited to this 2022 holiday promotion. 1 Rare North Pole Creation Lab will be distributed for every set (1 Epic Master Wizard, 1 Rare Wizards Workshop, 1 Legendary Santa’s Factory) purchased in the primary sale.


Monday, December 5th — Epic Master Wizard

Monday, December 12th — Rare Wizards Workshop

Monday, December 19th — Legendary Santa’s Factory

Monday, December 26th — FREE Rare North Pole Creation Lab Reward