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Announcing: The Greater Gala Games Community Championship

December 6, 2022
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Come one, come all! Who will prove to be the best Pilots in the galaxy?

All across the galaxy, we come together in the arena. The great Tank Olympiad, commonly known as Spider Tanks, is a testament to the ingenuity and creativity of humanity. It drives us to achieve greater goals through the crucible of competition, while also bringing each of us closer to each other, despite the vast emptiness of space that separates us.

The Pilots of the Tank Olympiad are the pride of the Planetary Union. Perfecting your Tank through tireless trial and error as you hone your skills and reflexes is one of the most admirable pursuits in the cosmos. We salute each and every one of you.

The Greater Gala Games Community Championship

While many Pilots are hatching plans for future battles during the offseason in the arena, one tournament that is quickly approaching can’t be missed by the most devoted Pilots. The time has finally come to name the Greater Gala Games Community Champions!

The road to the Championship will not be easy. The Gala Games Community Champions are Pilots with skills, adaptability and — above all — guts. The battles will be brutal, and the matches won’t exactly be fair.

Who will rise to the top of the pecking order as a Gala Community Champion?

A true Champion will have to persist through hardship and unseat the Primarchs… who hold all the advantages. The odds will not be in any challenger’s favor.

The Primarch Exhibition

To determine the first Gala Games Community Champions, Pilots will have to unseat the ruthless Primarchs who have stolen the seat for themselves. Through a loophole in Planetary Union bylaws, these three squatters have setup the tournament to favor them in every way!

Wanting to avoid a costly political battle with the Fabricators Guild by delaying the tournament, the Planetary Union Olympiad Commission has opted to stay silent on the issue, allowing the Primarchs’ tournament to play out. What squad of crack Pilots could possibly have the skill to beat these three terrors of the arena on their own terms?

If no one can beat these would-be arena autocrats, will the galaxy go without a Greater Gala Community Champion!?

The Primarchs’ chosen rules:

  • No more than 2 matching weapons per team
  • No rematches
  • Adhere to the Discord rules in all matches
  • The Primarchs reserve the right to disqualify players/teams at their discretion

Each week, the Primarchs will face an assault of challengers. Only the survivors from each week will advance to the next tier to fight the Primarchs on more even footing.

Tier 1:

  • Challengers may use free Tanks only
  • Primarchs decide the game mode and Map

Tier 2:

  • Challengers may use any Tank
  • No abilities allowed for challengers

Tier 3:

  • Equalized levels between all Tanks
  • Regular match

More information will be provided about each tier in the week leading up to it. Last Friday the event kicked off with friendly matches and festivities. This week, the real competition begins.

After these thugs are out of the way, the Gala Games Community Championship can once again be a festive time of celebration, rather than a masochistic grind against impossible odds. Once the title is liberated from the Primarchs, the community itself will be able to plan and execute the next Championship. The Community Champion title is a community role. No cheap shots though — it can be transferred only at a tournament approved and recognized by Gala Games.

A team that is able to achieve victory over the Primarchs will be named Greater Gala Games Community Champions. They will have to defend this title from future aspiring Pilots, and they may be called on to represent the community in competitions.

With great power comes great responsibility. We expect the next squad of Community Champions to be far more benevolent than these crass Primarchs. A Community Champion should be someone who lives out the values of Gala Games and Spider Tanks… we’re not just trading one set of dictators for another here! Future Community Champions should respect the responsibility of the title and display the values it embodies throughout the entire community until another Pilot wrestles it from their hands.

The Squad to Beat

These Primarchs are vicious predators in the arena, who delight in the destruction of who they view as lesser Pilots. They will crush their opposition without mercy, and any Pilots who go after them need to be fully prepared for overwhelming defeat.

These cruel tyrants reign over other Pilots from the rank of Deity, but many Pilots think their time in the spotlight is at an end. Though the rules are tilted in their favor, a squad that defeats them could lead the arena community into a new, brighter era!


“Official” Interview

“All your chair are belong to me.”

ChairBandit would like every Pilot in the community to think he’s helpful. He’ll hang around and rub elbows with the new folks in the arena… make sure they’re getting along just fine. Then, when they’re most comfortable thinking they have a mentor looking out for them, they’ll find every chair they own stolen without a trace.

Death usually comes from two guns with Chair Bandit. Vanquish him with Twin Guns though and who knows, you may see his final Healing Artillery form before you explode.


“Official” Interview

“Every time I get a triple kill, I think to myself… ‘That’s Deathlicious”

“Many say they aren’t afraid of Death….they just don’t want to be in my game.”

Deathlicious is the mad scientist of the trio. He may seem calm and analytical, but his name is no lie. His polite silence only masks the calculations for how to destroy you happening under the surface.

Deathlicious’s cold, mechanically efficient destruction is complemented by his versatility. Death inevitably comes for any Pilots who face him, whichever brutal methodology he chooses.

Light GG

“Official” Interview

“Look up, lights out, GG.”

You won’t see Light GG coming. He’s one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. Then you shake hands, walk away and — BOOM! A cluster of rockets to the back of the head. Light GG can bag a Flea sprinting with Speed Boosters from across the map without even breaking a sweat. You’ll have to find a way to conquer his covering fire to defeat the Primarchs.

Light GG often floats above the battlefield in his Hurricane, with his chosen Rocket Artillery of doom. Don’t count on him being a one trick pony though… that’s just one of many ways to die facing off against him.

Calling All Contenders!

Surely there is a squad of brave Pilots out there who can defeat these monsters! Calibrate your weapons, polish your chrome and get ready to liberate the Gala Games Community Championship from these cruel Primarchs!

Keep your eyes peeled for more announcements on Discord.