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Spider Tanks Korea Node Owner Tournament— Day 1

November 22, 2021
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Following last week’s US Node Owner tournament, the Korea Node Owner Tournament has officially kicked off as of this morning, Nov. 22. The preliminary rounds will last for five days until the 26th, and the two finalists will win tickets to -into the galaverse, where they will compete LIVE on the incredible Spider Tanks Galaverse World Stage along with the 2 finalists from the US node owner tournament, Smooth Hiro and Second String Spiders.

Day 1


Most of the players chose AK as the strongest team, and it was no wonder as they showed off strong firepower and great teamwork. It was a rather one-sided game, AK shutting out Spiderman 3–0. Their gameplay made other teams nervous, and after the game, AK’s leader, Seymar, showed confidence by saying that his team has lots of additional strategies up their sleeves.

KoreaT1 vs SoKoMo

Although the match ended 3–0, the game was very tight. qhrtj1234 of KoreaT1 recorded the best score, breaking his own record several times and steering his team to victory. As the members of KoreaT1 are real-life friends, it was obvious they had the advantage of ironclad teamwork. With a traditional combination of tankers and healers, their gameplay was a classic example of effective Spider Tanks, earning them a textbook win.

Las vs GOST

The last game of Day 1 was the most exciting as well as the closest. The winner was Las with the overall score of 3–1, but two of three wins were from-behind victories. Out of three matchups, their first game was the only one to go into overtime. This matchup was simply unpredictable until the end, making people go crazy about the game. It was a chance for other teams to learn how strong Las was.

All ten games were played in Deathmatch Mode, showing that the Deathmatch Mode was unanimously the most popular among all players.

Viewers shared all the excitement and tension via YouTube. The games finished close to midnight (KST), and three winners are now advancing to the quarterfinals.

Day 2 Schedule

Tomorrow’s matchups will take place in late evening KST, which is early morning in the United States.

21:00 KST — 4am PST

Irishpark vs. TAS

22:00 KST — 5am PST

Korea S Class vs NeOnSiGn_KOR

23:00 KST — 6am PST

Ha Ko Tank vs K9 Thunder


To join the fun tomorrow morning, pop into the Gala Games Discord community, where the party will be happening in the Spider Tanks channels.

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