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Spider Tanks | Happy WENniversary!

July 24, 2022
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Let’s celebrate the end of an entire year of Spider Tanks anticipation with a new Skin set to commemorate our heroic patience!

At Gala Games, we understand that the community’s original “WEN” meme can sometimes be a symbol of frustration, as well as anticipation and support. Just like you, we can hardly wait for the Spider Tanks future to unfold.

The Spider Tanks WENniversary

We gather now in celebration of one year of Spider Tanks community anticipation. We would say it’s the first WENniversary, but you can rest assured this will be the only Spider Tanks WENniversary.

Why Celebrate?

In the new world of Web3 gaming that we’re pioneering together, the community is more involved in the development process than ever before. Instead of quietly developing for years behind closed doors, we invite our community to observe and take part in the development process. This is the spirit of Web3 and decentralization, and it’s very important to Gala Games.

As we remind you from time to time, game development is always a lengthy process that requires patience and adaptability. When we offer the Web3 transparency of early announcements, developer updates, AMAs and the like, we are able to bring you into the creation process. This means that as a member of our decentralized community, we encourage you to share that sense of patience with us.

That being said, we love games too, and we absolutely share the sentiments of “Wen,” which is why we take delight in the community’s enthusiasm over original memes like “Wen” and “Thoon.”

The WENniversary Skins

Starting next Monday at 4:00pm PT, these 3 Tank Skins will only be available in limited supply, and only through the end of July in the Spider Tanks store. Don’t forget that in Spider Tanks, NFT skins actually give you in-game stat boosts when you play with them! The higher the rarity, the greater the boosts, so a Tank Skin can mean a lot when it comes to the difference between victory and defeat.

Sale Details

Here’s the deal. These Skins will only be available until the end of July, and they will be sold in increasing price tiers*.

Sale begins Monday, July 25th and runs through 11:59pm PT July 31st.

The sooner you purchase, the better price you’ll get, and since there can be only one WENniversary, any unsold WENniversary Skins will be burned forever following the sale.

*1st Tier = 50% discount, 2nd Tier = 20% discount, 3rd Tier = Base Price. Each additional tier will increase + 15% of Base Price.

On To the Skins.

First, for the casual anticipator of Spider Tanks, sure to gain you the attention and respect you deserve on the battlefield…

WENniversary — Soon (Uncommon)

Next, for the dedicated Spider Tanks hobbyist with the skills and Tanks to get the job done and a confidence that says “I can cover my Tank in blue neon lights and still beat you to rubble”…

WENniversary — Thoon (Rare)

Finally, we have the ultimate in WENniversary celebration loudness. With a shimmering body of pink and gold, the WEN Epic Skin will offer the greatest stat boosts while making your opponents afraid that they do not share your status of “early adopter”…

WENniversary — Wen (Epic)

Spider Tanks Lite Paper

In case you somehow missed it, a lot has been happening in the Spider Tanks world over the last couple weeks. On Friday, July 15th, a first draft version of the Spider Tanks Lite Paper was published and shared with the community, and everyone has been talking about it. To get in on those conversations, join the Gala Games Discord community.

There will be a lot more excitement coming very soon to the Spider Tanks ecosystem, so be sure to watch closely as we sprint toward the launch of the world’s first Web3 esport.

Spider Tanks AMA

Check out this recent Spider Tanks AMA with members of the Gala Games team!

Don’t forget… Starting on Monday you’ll have until the end of July to pick up one of these limited edition WENniversary Tank Skins!

Check out the newly published Spider Tanks Roadmap!

Happy WENniversay!

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