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Town Star Seasonal Art Project

August 11, 2022
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Hot outside? Enjoy some Town Star Winter community art from last year!

Time for a Christmas throwback from 2021!

Risk of Winter Art Attack

As some of you may remember, around Christmas time of last year, there was mention of a Community Art Project: Town Star Winter. We asked that our amazing community show off its creativity by creating art using any type of media available, on the themes of Town Star and winter.

We received numerous submissions and they were incredible. Unfortunately, with internal team movement the easel was folded up, stuck in a closet and the project was just a colorful memory. We completely forgot to share the most awesome entries. 🤦‍♂️

And the Winners Are…..

As mentioned in the original blog, there aren’t any official prizes for submissions. We just wanted to see what our community could do with their creativity, and boy did you come through. There were so many great submissions but we had to narrow it down to our top 10 favorites. If you see these artists around the Gala community chats, make sure you congratulate them on their sweet creations and encourage them to make more! And they are, in no particular order.

Note: Although we mentioned in the original post that we would share the Discord names of the artists, we felt that seemed impolite 9 months later without current permission, so we have left out the names of the artists.

Even Greater Than the Sum of Our Arts

We still want to see your creative juices flowing. In the future there will be more chances to show off the Leonardo da Vincis we all have within us. Stay tuned for more information regarding the Community Art Project.

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