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Spider Appeal — Limited Edition Tank Skin Event

July 17, 2021
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Extended Play Test

For the last week, the Spider Tank Project (final title TBD) has been the hottest thing happening in the Gala Games ecosystem. On Wednesday July 14th, there were a couple community tests of the fully playable Alpha MOBA. Hundreds of concurrent players battled it out with their Spider Tanks for the first time. It was beyond epic. In fact, it was so amazing that the Gala Games team decided to extend the play test through the entire weekend!

That’s right. All weekend long members of the Gala Games community can download and play this incredible game. Just beware that once you start playing, you may not want to stop. For the download link to get in the game, visit the Announcements channel of the Gala Games Discord Community and find the link (with instructions) announcement from Bitbender on July 14th.

Beautiful Shiny Tank Skins

The Alpha Executioner Chicken Tanks from the last couple days may have flown the coop, but you now have a brand new chance to get the first limited edition skins in the upcoming game: Noxious, Gridlock, Arcane, Overlord and Alpha Gold.

You read it correctly. The price for all remaining skins will double when the timer runs out, so you may want to make up your mind quickly.

Golden Perk Tank Skins

The most observant of you may have noticed that while there are 6 Tank Skins pictured in the cover image, there are only 5 available for sale in the Gala Games store. That’s because every member of Gala Gold will be receiving one.

On July 18th at midnight PST (7am UTC July 19th) a snapshot will be taken. Every member of Gala Gold at the time of the snapshot will receive the Uncommon Sentinel Skin, which is not available for sale but IS pictured below in all its glory.

Look how it shines!

This is just another example of how it pays to go Gala Gold. You’ll get exclusive sneak peaks, special Discord perks, even bonus NFTs from time to time! To upgrade to Gold, visit THIS LINK when signed into your Gala Games account.

Now get out there and put this extraordinary new game to the test!

There is a LOT more coming for the Gala Games ecosystem, so make sure to keep in touch, watch the Discord ( and get ready for more interesting news! Follow Gala Games on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or in our Discord!