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Behind the Skins — Mirandus-Themed Skin Pack 8

July 21, 2021
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Welcome Town Star townies, Mirandus enthusiasts and play-to-earn pioneers from all over the world! It’s time for another look into the historic first series of NFT skin packs released by Gala Games.

In this series we have been going through each of the 10 Mirandus-Themed Skin Packs one by one, giving you behind the scenes looks at the creation process. We’ve highlighted many of the benefits of looking at skins from a blockchain perspective, showing you why turning them into player-owned assets is a true game changer with the potential to breathe new life into the gaming skin industry. We’ve also showed you some awesome alternate art that didn’t make the cut, demonstrating just how much time and energy from our team goes into the creation of something so seemingly simple. Hopefully you find this series as fascinating as we do! You’ll find the previous editions listed below.

Skin Pack 6
Skin Pack 7
Skin Pack 1


One of the greatest benefits to collectibles and NFT assets on a blockchain is provable scarcity. As long as collectibles have been around, scarcity has been perhaps the most important driver of collectible value. Take for example the T206 baseball card from 1909 depicting Pittsburg Pirates ball player Honus Wagner. Having sold at auction for over $3 million, this card is known to be one of the rarest baseball cards in existence.

The Honus Wagner card also has an interesting story that corresponds to its scarcity, as so many of the rarest collectibles in the world do. The T206 set of cards was produced and distributed by the American Tobacco Company, and while it was not the surface level intention of the campaign to appeal to them, children took quite an interest in the collectible cards. The story goes that Honus Wagner was not a fan of tobacco products being marketed to children in this way, so he demanded ATC remove his card from production.

The legitimacy of the Honus Wagner story is not nearly as verifiable as NFTs existing on a blockchain because there is no one living today who was around when the cards were new. Provable ledger history is another benefit making it clear that the future of collectibles is blockchain, but that’s another story.

Scarcity in Gala Games NFTs

As we fast-forward to 2021 when collectibles are leaving the realm of physicality, we can see the same patterns and correlations with scarcity of supply and value. The tools for understanding these patterns are now more accessible and more provable, making it an exciting new world for collectors everywhere.

Gala Games knows gaming and collectibles, and the digital assets we sell are the perfect marriage of the two. We are creating the largest own-your-experience gaming platform in the world. Our NFTs (such as skins) are driven by intrinsic collectible value, scarcity and in-game utility, making your decision as both collector and gamer as easy as possible.

Each Mirandus-Themed NFT Skin Pack is available in a limited quantity of 10,000. They are also being sold using a system of stair-step pricing that ensures each new 1/5 wave of 2000 packs will be more expensive than the last. Pricing and future sales for these packs are TBD, but we do know that this first wave will offer you the lowest possible price from the Gala Games store.

Digging into Pack 8

As we approach the final packs of the series, the Town Star buildings included are becoming more specialized and advanced. This means that in addition to just the buildings, the owner gets the dedicated workers that come with them. We’re happy to say that once again with this pack, every single building skin comes with a reimagined worker unit!

Builder House

The first couple designs for the Builder House still looked a little too modern, and with the majority of these medieval skins, that problem has been solvable by dealing with the roof. The crudely overlapping log beams on the Builder House roof ended up giving it the medieval treatment that was needed.

For the Builder unit, the long sleeved white shirt was chosen with yellow tights and hat. It is unlikely that a builder of the Middle Ages would have allowed arm skin to go carelessly exposed when it could be protected. After all, there was no workman’s comp back then.

Power Plant

To ensure that the Power Plant was still easily recognizable as an industrial building, the red and white striped smokestack was left in. The building itself was thoroughly redesigned. The split level second option was chosen, implying that the Power Plant worker lives in the top portion while working in the bottom of the building.


These first ideas were on the right track, but there was something missing for T. Elliot Cannon, Town Star Director. After some back and forth discussion with the art team, he decided that the Refinery building should have a cone-shaped roof like pictured below.

As usual, several different options were presented for the Refinery worker. This time, the worker was reimagined as a sort of medieval scientist or chemist, seen tinkering with flasks of various substances. Option 2 was chosen, with the addition of the glasses from option 4.

Steel Mill

As one of the most industrial and modern looking buildings in Town Star, the Steel Mill needed a substantial makeover. Instead of keeping the striped towers that scream “industrial building,” it was decided to go with the second option, replacing everything with stone and wood.

The Steel Mill worker is the same versatile Factory Worker that comes with the Worker House and the Forklift, redesigned as pictured below for the Mirandus-Themed skins.

Worker House

Finally, we have the medieval Worker House, which has an especially authentic and unique feel. Notice that the roof didn’t get the same thatching attention as some of the others. We know the Factory Worker is incredibly busy, so it’s unlikely that he would have the time or energy to complete such a complex roofing process for his home. Instead, he has gone with a more quick and functional grass and mud approach.

Skin Pack 8 Now Available

While supplies last, you can now purchase Mirandus-Themed Skin Pack 8 in the Town Star store to receive all the above in-game skins. This pack also comes with Dragon Voucher 8/10. Collect all 10 Dragon Vouchers to unlock the Dragon Familiar in Mirandus, a valuable companion who will enhance your power and clout in the fantasy world of the upcoming game!

Be on the lookout later this week for the next issue of Behind the Skins, which will go back to the earlier packs with a look into Pack 2. Good luck on all your Town Star builds this week as the new competition begins!

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