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Speaking of Community…

January 7, 2022
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Can you feel it? Something powerful surrounds you. It’s you.

At Gala Games, when we express our gratitude and our sense of pride in what we are building, there is one word that is repeated more than any other. That word is community.

No matter how large we grow, how many games are playable on our platform and how many partnerships we create, fostering a sense of community lives at the core of our vision. When we talk about player empowerment, it may seem that we are empowering you. In reality, you are empowering yourselves and each other by believing in everything we do.

This community is made of people of all walks of life from all over the world. These people are more unique than the most incredible NFTs we could mint, more valuable than the most useful token we could imagine, and more special than the most compelling game we could create.

The short video below, which was premiered at -into the galaverse on December 11th 2021, was made to remind us all of this essential sense of community. As it played on the many large screens of the Hub Stage, there were few dry eyes in the audience. When people begin to understand the empowerment opportunities available in our community, lives are changed. This video highlights just a few examples.

Be sure to visit the vid on Youtube and leave a supportive comment!

Together we Rise

When we look at individual lives that have been affected positively by the decentralized gaming world we are creating, it becomes easy to see the true possibilities.

We hope you are as proud as we are to be part of such an astounding community. As we continue to grow in 2022 and beyond, we will do everything in our power to nurture and grow this community and to facilitate life-changing experiences throughout the world. Thank you for being here.

Power to the Players.

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