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Smart Contract Audit Report | $GALA

September 17, 2022
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Check out the results of our security contract audit from Anchain.AI for $GALA, the core cryptocurrency of the Gala Games Ecosystem.

With a recent series of articles (listed below), we have been publishing the official smart contract audit reports for the various tokens of Gala Games. Today, we’re delivering the report for $GALA, the main crypto token of the Gala Games Ecosystem.

Contract Audit — MTRM
Contract Audit — TOWN
Contract Audit — SILK

The Importance of Audits

With technology moving as rapidly as Web3, it’s important for smart contracts to be heavily scrutinized by professionals such as the ones we trust at Anchain.AI.

While decentralization plays a huge role in the Web3 future we’re creating together, it also brings its own special risks. Blockchain transactions typically cannot be undone, and they allow users the freedom to move large quantities of assets quickly. Small vulnerabilities in a smart contract may not be discovered for years. Regardless of when they are discovered, even the smallest weakness can be devastating if exploited by a bad actor.

At Gala Games, we understand the importance of security and the risks of developing in the Web3 space, so we take the time and energy necessary to build our smart contracts right. Then, tapping on the experts at Anchain, we confirm the contracts are as secure as possible.

$GALA Contract Audit Report


Anchain is an AI-powered cybersecurity company enhancing blockchain security, risk, and compliance strategies. They specialize in thorough reviews and audits of smart contracts, blockchains and cryptocurrencies, serving hundreds of clients worldwide, and securing over $100 Billion in daily transaction volume. Basically, when Anchain puts their stamp of approval on a contract, the industry sees it as an undisputed sign of security and legitimacy.

Said Dr. Victor Fang, CEO & Co-founder of AnChain.AI, of the auditing process, “Since 2018, the AnChain.AI has been relied upon by both traditional financial institutions, leading DeFi projects, and even government regulators to certify the security of some of the world’s highest-traffic smart contracts. Gala Games’ proactive approach to securing their smart contracts and commitment to protecting their users has been evident since our first conversation. Our auditing team’s efforts are made all the more effective by the Gala Games team’s meticulous approach to resolving even the most minor vulnerabilities discovered in the auditing process.”

It’s already been a long and adventurous road for Gala Games, and with over a dozen Web3 games in development, we’re just getting started.

Imagine your own world of gaming, where you have more power and control over your experiences than ever before. Gone are the days when you committed to a small number of games upon which you were left sitting once the enjoyment wore away. Web3 gives you the freedom to play it all, choose what to own, and strategically maximize your rewards. Finally, if the enjoyment ever wears away (unlikely), you can just list your in game assets on the secondary market and start with a whole new game.

We’re building a Web3 home for all gamers, and we’re glad you’re here to share in the adventure with us!

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