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Freedom in Web3 Gaming

September 20, 2022
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Let’s talk about one of our most important values: Freedom

The decentralized gaming world we’re creating at Gala Games brings you a greater degree of freedom as a gamer than you have ever known. Your ability to list and sell digital assets on the secondary market is massively important, but what we’re working toward goes way beyond just the freedom to sell.

Let’s explore what freedom means to Gala Games, in terms of our mission to empower the gamers of the world. We’re gamers ourselves, and freedom is why we’re building an entire Web3 gaming Ecosystem, instead of just a few games.

Owning vs Not Owning

Let’s say back in the nineties you purchased a cartridge video game, played it for a little while, then got tired of the game. You had a couple options. You could try to trade with a friend for one of their worn-out games. You could put it away in a box for future generations, accepting the fact that you’ll never see that 50–70 bucks again. You could even try your luck at the local pawn shop or second-hand store, where they’d give you pennies on the dollar for what they‘d’ turn right around and sell for 75% of retail as “lightly used.”

Although it’s easy to look back on those days and remember the good times, gamers were a long, long way from truly owning their assets. This is evident in the near impossibility to get any future cash value out of your game “ownership.” Remember that in those days, to “own” a game simply meant that you had the ability to play it whenever you wanted, provided that you had the appropriate console, TV and accessories.

Remember the old dime-a-dozen conversation with schoolmates? “Have you ever played Game X?” they would say.

“Played it? I own it,” you’d reply.

That was never real ownership. In fact, we had the wrong idea of ownership entirely. We never should have assumed that the ability to enjoy a game experience meant that we somehow “owned” that game. Until players could transfer and trade the items from the games (not the games themselves), they could never be truly empowered through ownership.

It’s been a long road to gaming ownership, but now thanks to Web3 tech, the path ahead is much clearer than it was in the cartridge days.

What is Freedom?

We preach a lot about lofty conceptual ideas like freedom and empowerment, but what does it really mean to maximize gamers’ freedom?

Freedom is about readiness. The more freedom you have, the more ready you are to go with the flow, pursue your goals, and achieve your dreams.

Freedom is the thing that allows you to move forward unencumbered, to grow and change. The more freedom you have, the easier growth becomes.

from the Oxford English Dictionary

Gala Games Freedoms

Freedom to Play

The earliest days of video games created a stigma that gaming was a non-value pastime at best, but we are overturning these generational preconceptions at last. People all over the world who were unwilling to give themselves time to play are now realizing that thanks to various incentives and rewards, playtime is back.

Gaming is not just for kids anymore. In fact, it never was. We are playful creatures, and the idea that we are supposed to “grow out” of playing by our teenage years is not only incorrect, but rather heartbreaking.

Freedom to Play Free

The games we are developing at Gala Games are AAA quality, built by some of the most experienced and skilled people in the industry. Still, many of these games will offer players a way to enjoy the game with no purchase obligations. How is this possible? It’s all part of the freedom of Web3.

The more traditional mobile free to play, in-app purchases game model relies on a certain portion of free players enjoying the game to the point of upgrading their experience at their own cost. In a similar fashion, Gala Games can work with top developers to create extremely high quality games with options for free players to enjoy.

Thanks to the early support of those who wish to own in-game items for in-development projects, we can create the highest quality free gaming experiences the world has ever seen.*

*NOTE: Not all Gala Games will always be free to play.

Freedom to Own

By building gaming ecosystems around player ownership of scarce in-game assets, we can level up the freedom of every single member of our community. They are no longer simply players and supporters; they now have the option to become owners.

Being owners in this way does not mean that you literally “own” a portion of the company or the game. It simply means that you own what’s yours, and for the first time ever in video games. You earn it, it’s yours. You buy it, it’s yours. You work hard to upgrade it over dozens of campaigns, it’s yours. We’re pretty proud of this aspect of what we do.

Freedom to Earn Rewards

How are we so confident in our games that we’re able to give you total freedom to own and sell your items on secondary markets? The root of that confidence is in the reward-based gaming economies we create. They are multi-layered webs of gamifications, incentives, and rewards that ensure your decision of whether to keep or list for sale will almost always be a tough one.

There are lots of different perspectives from which you can experience and enjoy the Gala Games Ecosystem, and they come with different levels of potential rewards and unique opportunities.

Freedom to Sell

Finally, the ability to sell your in-game items on peer-to-peer secondary markets lives at the core of the Web3 freedom we hope to provide the gamers of the world.

You’ll find a game that you absolutely love (probably more than one) in the Gala Games Ecosystem. You’ll put your time and energy into following the development progress, honing your skills, and exploring your reward opportunities. You may even decide to purchase in-game property for that game. Once you have taken that leap into ownership, you have leveled up your freedom as a gamer.

You may be able to use your purchased item for in-game advantages or to unlock rewards for playing. In some games, you can even allow free players to use your property (sharing some rewards with you, of course). Most importantly though, you can take your asset to a secondary marketplace like OpenSea and list it for sale whenever you want. The freedom to sell is always yours.

Freedom to sell is freedom from commitment. Let’s say you buy an asset for your favorite Gala Game, then use it for a while to enhance your reward potential. Suppose a few months later a new game shows up that you’ve got to try, and you’re ready for something new. You can list your in-game item on the secondary marketplace, and if it sells, there’s your spending money to make some asset purchases for the new game.*

*NOTE: Gala Games does not predict, control or speculate on secondary market pricing of in-game items. Listing items for sale never guarantees sale.

With Gala Games, you’re absolutely free to game on your terms. We have dozens of AAA quality games in development, and every one of them has all the empowerment and freedom of Web3.

We’re glad you’re here. Stick around. Play a while.

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