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Series 4 VOX Reveal

November 2, 2022
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Are you ready to meet your DreamWorks Trolls VOX? We totally get it, we are too!

Hidden inside your VOX Box is 1 of 8,888 DreamWorks Trolls VOX, inspired by the lovable characters in DreamWorks Trolls. It might even be the very special Yarn Snake VOX. Plus, there’s the chance to have incredible utility like land parcels in the VOXverse and additional Gala rewards.

On November 3rd, VOX Box owners who purchased the DreamWorks Trolls VOX series will be given the opportunity to exchange their VOX Box. At that time, your unique VOX is minted. Here’s how to do so…

1. Connect your wallet containing your VOX Box to Then, navigate to the ‘Exchange’ page on the website to use the provided exchange interface to send your VOX to the minting contact address. At that time, you will be required to pay minting network fees (gas).

2. Once that happens, the VOX Exchange contract will automatically initiate the minting of your VOX, sending it to the same wallet that initiated the exchange.

3. Go enjoy your VOX! Not only will your VOX be unique 1 of 8,888 VOX Trolls, it may even be the rarest of them all! After a few days, you will be able to see the rarity of your VOX on Rarity.Tools.

Miss the Sale? We got you

Even if you missed the initial sale of DreamWorks Trolls VOX Boxes, that doesn’t mean it’s too late to get the NFT collectibles inspired by DreamWorks Trolls. Get your VOX Box now on Coinbase NFT, and then exchange to reveal your beautiful DreamWorks Trolls VOX.
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