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Celebrate Tanksgiving with Spider Tanks

November 7, 2022
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With Spider Tanks launched, there’s a lot around the arena to be Tankful for!

It’s been an amazing launch, and everyone here at Gala Games and GAMEDIA is incredibly Tankful for our entire community and everyone who has gotten into the Spider Tanks arena so far!

We want to show our appreciation to all the great Pilots out there, so we’re dropping some festive savings on some of your favorite Tank Parts in the Spider Tanks store!

Happy Tanksgiving!

The arena has been packed since the Spider Tanks launch. New Pilots and seasoned vets alike have been fighting it out in the arena and grinding up the ranks. Have you achieved glorious victories? If so, there’s never been a better time to visit the Spider Tanks store with your freshly spun SILK!

Every day throughout the rest of November, six random Bodies, Weapons or Hero Tanks of assorted rarities will be discounted for 24 hours. Discounts will vary, and as with all game items, these will be limited in supply, but each will remain one constant price for the duration of the sale as long as supplies last.

Every upcoming sale will be a mystery, but new sales will burst into the store each day!

We are Tankful for YOU!

We are so thrilled for Spider Tanks to be officially launched, and we appreciate the community that has stood by us the entire way here. We hope everyone enjoys these discounts, and that each and every member of the Spider Tanks community has a wonderful Tanksgiving season– complete with unadulteratedly explosive metal on metal mayhem for you and all your loved ones.

Tanksgiving sales will be one of the first opportunities to grab items on our new, games-first blockchain– Project GYRI!

The first sales may even be live right now. You’ll have to head over to the Spider Tanks store to know for sure…